How easy is it in Germany to get possession of a firearm (whether legal or illegal)?

Illegal: if you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who sells guns, the effort that has to be made is quite small.It is a pure question of money.

But to acquire a black weapon is a pretty dangerous box.It may be that this weapon has been used and registered in a crime. If you are then caught with this weapon, it may happen that you are also charged with the other, perhaps much more serious, crime.

There is also the question of why you need a weapon.For example, if you can credibly declare that you are under threat and that you need the weapon for self-protection, you may get permission to acquire it.

Legal: Fortunately, Germany has very restrictive gun legislation and the competent authorities monitor compliance with this legislation very closely and carefully.

After moving to another state, I had to prove that my weapons were stored in a permitted weapon cabinet with separate compartments for weapons and ammunition, as well as other separate compartments for fist guns (pistols, revolvers).It was not enough that I had already kept this proof at the old place of residence.

The purchase of fully automatic weapons is completely excluded for private use.Semi-automatic weapons can be purchased, for example for hunting, if the magazines do not exceed a certain capacity.

The purchase of weapons for private use is only entitled under certain conditions: one is a sports shooter, hunter, particularly endangered or finally a collector.

As a hunter, one requires a passed hunter examination, a valid annual hunting certificate, a hunting liability insurance, a weapons possession card, suitable storage, which, in addition to the above-mentioned characteristics, also the theft of weapons and / or ammunition – before all things not both together, much more difficult.

The purchased weapons must be entered in the weapon ownership card with the manufacturer, model and serial number.As a hunter, you may not acquire more than two fist guns. The acquisition of these must be approved in advance by the competent authority and entered on the weapons possession card. Only then is the gunmaker allowed to hand over the weapon.

Similarly restrictive rules apply to sport shooters.

Exactly the acquisition is regulated in the Arms Act (Germany) and in the Hunting Act.More information about the gun ownership card can be found here: Waffenbesitzkarte (Germany).

I think it is very positive that there is such restrictive gun legislation in Germany.The legal acquisition of weapons must be as high as possible and documented and verified as accurately as possible.

It is possible to acquire illegal weapons relatively easily; However, the possibilities of the investigative authorities for investigation should not be underestimated in the case of such offences.Nor should the technical possibilities for identifying illegal weapons be underestimated.

An influence such as that of the “National Rifle Organisation” in the USA and extremely liberal gun legislation like there, should be avoided here in Germany at all costs!

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