How easy is it for you to forgive and forget?

Forgiving is easy, if the one who has to be forgiven is of great importance to me. I never forget.

I don’t forgive people who are not important enough for me, but I forget easily.

Forgive does not always cost me much trouble.

Forgetting or saying to me whether it is not.

That depends on the pain of the wounds I have suffered.

But how difficult it is sometimes I always try to forgive.

Wall without forgiving is forgotten very difficult.

That just depends on it. Many issues that were serious in the distant past, I have been able to conclude myself.There are issues where I have been against the run-up for years, somewhat more bearable, but still not fully acceptable. With my dark side I can quite say that with moments I have taken certain things to blame, which to some extent has hindered my functioning. But some things are not recovering, or make the mess just worse.

If I wish someone the best and wonder of infantile revenge, then I can speak reasonably about forgive or better said: let go.But ratio and adult approach does not mean that forgetting is always an option. It should wear off. And no, a good conversation is not always the solution. Life is a choice and I am perhaps a risk-mite in that respect. Talking things out, risking fresh negative memories that will also haunting my head for years? Maybe needed, but I don’t. But my recovery continues, so who knows that ever is.

I won’t easily forget things.Certainly not on relational level.

Forgive.Three key words: Who, what, how

1. Who should be forgiven?If it is an important person, I will make more effort to give the other a second or third chance.

2.What has the other done so that I must forgive him or her? For small business I can easily forgive. Is it something that really goes very hard by the bracket? Then I look back at point 1. For a special person I will do an extra effort. But then the other will also have to make a effort (item 3).

3.How does the person go after he has disadvantaged me? Does he or she all possible to make it back properly without committing the same mistake. Then it goes to forgive more or less of itself. If not, the relationship does not make much for it and does not need to be forgiven but above all abandoned.

I am unable to do the impossible: forgotten.But that does not matter either. The saying is guilt-inspiring: I do want to forgive, but I just can’t forget. What am I doing wrong?

You do nothing wrong when you can’t forget that someone has hurt you.It is an important lesson for the future relationship. I don’t have to feel any guilt when I think about it.

Forgiving is another story.Forgiving does not mean that you have accepted a certain behavior, or a particular act. A person hitting a blue eye is very good at talking under very few conditions. But you can stop the person once again liable to hold for something that lies in the past. Forgive has to do with terminating liability.

And for what it’s worth: Forgive does YOU more well than the other!

‘, ‘ Very easy.Forgive is such a sweet revenge…

“,” Personally I can forgive someone very easily.Since the person who has done something to me is-big! -Apologizes and also makes it really seem to mean. Forgiveness becomes trickier when people repent… But that too is to be learned. And revenge never leads to anything positive.

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