How does your day look normal?


Get up around 7 am, eat breakfast for fifteen minutes and then head to school by train-> Bus-> On foot.School starts at 8:30 and then take the programming lessons. Pauses at 11 and 1 and we always play Uno. If it can still tease the teacher.

Hour or 5 out and then home, I can actually have dinner right away.Gaming when I feel like it but I drum at least an hour every day to not forget it. Showering around 9.

Often go to bed around 12 or 1 hour with earphones in order to listen to stories.


Sleep up to an hour or 2 in the afternoon.Have a nice breakfast (lunch) and then immediately make homework up to 9 hours. 2 breaks in between for food and social media. Archery on Saturday.

I’m going out of a day I should start the first hour at school (8:20) and that I am on average the 7th out (14:55)

I stand up at 6:30, dress me up, go for breakfast and brushing your teeth.

At 7:40 am I going to school, then I am around 8 am at school (7km, ~ 25 min) Then a few hours stay at school, go home, make homework, play a bit when I have time for it, shower and then around 10 to bed.

I have 3 average day profiles

  • 1/3 International travel for roadshows, conferences, partner, project meetings and dinner nights and sometimes a stunner extension to relax with siteseeing.
  • 1/3 in the office usually meetings with the business unit departments or clients and in the evening all kinds of relaxation at home or out.
  • 1/3 Home Office quite loose working atmosphere with preparatory work and calls and cooking in between for some relaxation or reading etc.

Sit in The Hague for school for a few weeks now.

5:30 I stand up. 6:10 Direction station for the train departing at 6:32.Two hours towards DH central and then with Line 3 (tram) further. I read a book, the Metro, or I’m sitting on Quora.

Around 9:00 I usually start.Occasionally break and around 15:00 again on the tram to the station. Usually I’m around 17:45 at home. Quick food, sometimes even sports, take a shower and then to bed. Tomorrow again a day.

A lot of free time I have not, except on Sunday, but so鈩?N problem this is not.After several months doing nothing with my studies (do not ask how) is this new rhythm somewhere nice. You’ll also see a lot more of the world.

My day starts very early, around 5 am.Then I stand up, I mak coffee. Depending on the location I am going to sit outside and I enjoy the silence while I drink my coffee (when I lived on Siquijor, in the Philippines, I lived in a house on a clip and it was great to see the sun rise up for example)

After that I’m going to write, first an hour of Intuitive, to the concept of 芒 鈧?艙The travels Way芒 鈧? it’s called morning pages.I write about the first thing that comes to mind. Often this is a diary-like story that creates ideas that I put in the planner to work out.


And if the Internet does it (again depending on my location) I’ll get started with my website, my social media and my video channel.I’m looking for chores on freelance websites and when I have a column I write them. Newsletter also a little thingy, everything is in colours in my diary scheduled and so I do those chores that are there for the day or I do that which I feel like.

Then (around an hour or 11) I do the wax (I was often on the hand), make some clean in or around the house or do groceries.And then go for lunch somewhere.

Because the life IND e countries where I live is so cheap I eat between noon often outside the door, in the evenings I find it nice to cook myself.

The afternoons I’m free.IN The Philippines I had a great motorbike, then I went touring, or going to the beach or swimming in a waterfall. Or take a photo (that’s work again) or record videos.

It is really a bit of my mood, in the evenings I do not do much, I go to bed often another round of social media (Facebook and Twitter) and then sleep and get back early.

I don’t watch TV.

A weekday starts for me at 4.30 usually I wake up before the alarm goes.

In the aut I eat breakfast and arrived at work first a bake coffee.

At 8 30 min time for a second breakfast and then until 11.30.

A quick bite at home and then up to 15 hours back into the bed.

The rest of the day I spend on some household work around 17 my partner comes home and we cook.

Then with a good book or the tablet for the TV and order 22.30 to bed again.

Wake up to an hour or 12 noon smoke a cigarette little house do then I eat what to hang for an hour or 1 bit on the couch to an hour or 4 I scream then what to with me iPad or PlayStation bit household to wash an hour or 5 thingies like washing dishes Vacuuming ect.I usually pick up 6 hours of groceries beginning at 8 am with cooking. Hour or 9 dinner then I have a little bit to an hour or 12 on me iPad PlayStation. After 12and usually ff round the park because that is nice and quiet I hate a grave to people who have you there just a little less walk thank God. I am usually called after 1 hour by one of my acquaintances to get away from the solitude I usually want to leave after an hour or 2 because then I have had my portion of physical contact again. Hour or 3 I walk back through the city again after home. Hour or 5 night I usually come home. Since I’ve said a week ago I work on this just fine. I am a night man day in the Netherlands is so worthless often it is not nice weather. I don’t like the hustle and bustle I’m fond of is that people just sleep very well I’m one of the few on the street. I do love daytime but then I have to be on vacation and it should be nice and warm with something of water in which I can swim then I find it not very different I find it wasting my time.

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