How does the narcissist react when he realizes that he is no longer interested?

The narcissist goes and looks for the next energy donor. So the easily recognizable scheme.

Our world is increasingly narcissistic.You can buy dating apps.A narcissist scrolls through other narcissists. There are also more advanced platforms, where matching with questionnaires and matching algorithms is apparently done “scientifically”.

Time and again we meet candidates who are unlikely to present themselves as they are.In this respect, we live in a virtual world of “holographic” images that have little in common with reality.Who will write into his profile that he has a hidden alcohol problem, that he has not overcome the past relationship and is unhappy with his profession. This is an example of some reality, which is blended with dream descriptions and skilfully presented photos. This leads to nonsensical meetings, where you actually want to get up with your first coffee together.

The success rate of long-term happy relationships is low.I would estimate them to be at most 10-20% of relationships. More than half of marriage relationships fail. Sure, another 25% are unhappy, but they can’t fall apart 鈥?money, children, careers, commitments. Many have chosen to be alone. They defiantly live the MGTOW (Men go their own way) or look for a sex partner according to their mutual preferences.

Again and again you can read, with narcissists there is only the “run” and they are something “devilish”.That does not go on. Our world of today demands the narcissist 鈥?in profession, in society. The individual cannot escape this privately.This world of today is dying. We all more or less take over our environment, we cannot completely encapsulate ourselves from it.

Learning to live from narcissist to narcissist is the motto. Always only “run” leads to loneliness.Especially since one feels “better” even then and calls the “narcissist” inferior. Basically, you do exactly what you accuse the narcissist of.

You don’t have to scroll through dating apps.But the success rate of long-term happy relationships is inherently low. As with Trial and Error, you have to try a lot and not always give up. Failures must also be questioned, how one got into the situation and why it goes wrong.

A saying says you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.

Well, let’s go in search.You can find a “prince” or a “princess”. They just don’t stand at every corner. And usually look different than you think.

And when it clicks, a lot of work is required.Building a relationship is: work, work.Give and take, cope with fights.And then it runs. Just just walking, it doesn’t work.

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