How does the medical disclaimer on Quora work? What is Quora’s guideline for questions and answers on medical issues and problems?

We want doctors to be able to provide answers to questions about medicine and medical problems without hesitation.Quora’s policy is that when answering medical questions, a doctor should not give a reader the impression that he is acting as his doctor, which could potentially lead to a professional relationship (i.e. doctor-patient), which in turn would require the doctor to act with “reasonable due diligence”.
Medical-related issues

  • It is okay for a question to describe a general situation, representation, illness or symptoms, but the question should withhold enough details to clearly show that it does not describe a particular patient.
  • In medical-related questions related to Quora, it is not allowedto give facts that give the impression that they belong to a particular patient.

Patient-specific questions should be reworded or deleted to address general medical issues.

Medical-related answers

  • Medical-related answers can serve as general guidance, context or illustration, but specific or diagnostic answers are not allowed. The responses should not recommend specific treatment methods and should not give the impression that they can replace a genuine consultation with a doctor.
  • Doctors should not recruit patients for treatments. Doctors, for example, should not offer to arrange patient appointments on site; if they do, it could potentially violate the medical association’s rules on advertising.
  • When answering medical-related questions, physicians should be careful not to discuss confidential or secret information about former or current patients.

Doctors should also ensure that they do not inadvertently disclose confidential information — for example, when talking about hypothetical cases that could be traced to patients to be identified.

  • Of course, doctors should not suggest or prescribe drugs to questioners based on interactions about Quora. Such a practice would probably violate the telemedicine regulations of the medical associations of many countries.
  • Add a medical disclaimer to a response

    • Doctors or medical students who respond to Quora with answers to questions relating to medicine or related fields should identify themselves as licensed physicians or medical students and have a disclaimer at the end of their medical answers. Add.
    • Quora makes it easy for users who are doctors or medical students to add a personalized medical disclaimer when answering questions about medicine and healthcare (and similar topics).
    • Adding a disclaimer ensures that the text of the disclaimer is visible wherever the response text appears.

    The disclaimer appears in a visually separated area below the response. It is truncated and only the first line is visible. There is an option for the reader to view the entire text.

  • To add a disclaimer, as a legitimate user, you should click on the “Add Medical Disclaimer” link, which is located behind the “…” below the edit box for the response, and follow the instructions.
    • By clicking on this link and following the instructions, you as a user can create the disclaimer and add it to your answers.
    • If you add a disclaimer for the first time as a correspondingly authorized user, the following text template can be found in the editing box, which you can use or edit as follows:

    This answer does not replace professional medical advice.

    This answer is for general information purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you think there is a medical emergency, call your doctor or dial the emergency number (112 in Europe). Always seek the opinion of your doctor before starting or changing treatment. Quora users who provide answers to health questions are certain third-partybeneficiaries in accordance with Quora’s Terms of Use ( ).

    • This medical disclaimer (the standard version or an edited version) appears as a disclaimer in your answers about medicine and healthcare.

    After you put it on for the first time, you can change the personalized disclaimer in the settings. Please note: Editing the text will cause the text to change for all previously publishedreplies.

  • If you, as a correspondingly authorized user, create a personalised disclaimer, you can add this disclaimer to any of your previously published answers (i.e. also questions that do not belong to the medical subject) by answer and click on the “Add Disclaimer” link.
  • You can remove a disclaimer from a response by editing that response and clicking on the “X” next to the disclaimer text.

  • We have spared no effort and have researched the text for this disclaimer with great care in order to protect our users.
  • However, the rules of the medical associations vary by state and country. Therefore, we are not sure whether this text applies to every doctor in every place in the world — especially because the rules may change over time. As always, use your own judgment in the sense of your profession; and, if applicable, change or expand the disclaimer in accordance with the medical regulations of your country.

  • We hope that over time, doctors in the Quora community will pass on their knowledge of country-specific disclaimers.
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