How does the appearance affect your career?

Your appearance influences your career and life with

*I’m just talking about biological appearance in this article.* *Clothes can be changed, the face stays.*

It starts inchildhood.

Some people think that all children are beautiful, but unfortunately adults and children have certain preferences.

Some fit more and others less. Highly asymmetrical faces indicate problems in DNA. Beauty may be due to mutations. Humans are not born idealists,but visually working primates.

Your eye can do nothing better than identify faces.Look through a crowd and your brain notices in milliseconds who is staring at you.

Eye and brain are not neutral

In primary school, children perceived as “beautiful” generally perform better than the average.There are studies that show intelligence and beauty in context. [1 Whether that is true is not clear.The fact is that beautiful children get more attention from society. These include relatives, friends and teachers. The latter have an influence on personal development and educational pathways.

If someone has been easily favoured without further intervention, all over school, then the inevitable is expressed in the final grades. [2 Better grades mean a better starting position for the career.

In the job, beauty can also be a hindrance

In school, the roles are clearly defined.The teacher sees the student as a protection officer and this changes absolutely nothing until the end. In the workplace, things are different. There may be a possibility that you can replace your manager. This one feels doubly threatened by rising competition if it is not only professionally equal, but also even more attractive. Bosses are just human beings. Possible “countermeasures” can sabotage one’s own career at an early age.

A rather unobtrusive appearance has a great advantage; you don’t notice.

In the mass, one can easily be underestimated.This makes it easier to impress the company. Moreover, the beauty of one becomes a canvas for the personal dislikes of others. The less envy and resentment there is in the game, the better the chances of survival seem.

Disapproval of attractive people has not been taken out of the air.

[3[4people are attracted to beauty.Those who are beautiful are more likely to be the centre of attention and can excel much more easily. Those who know how to take advantage of this are open to potential promotion opportunities. Some envy must be dealt with appropriately. Ideally, people’s own strengths are made aware of all, so as not to be limited to appearance.

Women have a particularly hard time

Beautiful women are less likely to be invited to interviews.[5 On the other hand, there are many prejudices against beautiful women.Either beautiful, or smart. The media does not convey an enlightening picture of reality.Some professions, e.g. hostess, stewardess, secretary, etc. are reserved for (beautiful, young) women. The activities here are not very demanding and place the women below the mostly male pilots and managers. Some careers are already nipped in the bud by such prejudices. [6

Angela Merkel has shown how things can be done differently

Under Helmut Kohl, she worked her way up as a grey mouse.

Over the years, she was able to rise further and further, until she even became a minister. After his resignation, she worked intensively on her career. The fact that she looks unattractive, despite decolleted ball gowns, gave voters the impression of competence. After all, it can only have come this far through its own ability. The shaming men are deprived of any other attempt at explanation.

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