How does Quora define spam? What are the consequences of spamming on Quora?

Quora defines one or more questions, answers, posts, comments, or messages as spam intended to redirect traffic to external commercial websites while having little or no value for the Quora community.Answers that point to external websites to answer the question with the reference should summarize how the reference answers the question. If the core of the answer in the post on Quora is incomprehensible, the response violates the guidelines and guidelines for responses [1.Answers that direct traffic from advertising or commercial purposes to external sites and do not adequately answer the question are classified as spam.
If a user writes a large number of content at a high speed on Quora with the intention of promoting fraudulent or factually incorrect content, this is called ‘Astroturfing’ (orresponse spam). Astroturfing is also classified as spam on Quora and may also violate the Self-Plagiarism Guidelines; see also [2.
Questions created with the intention of attracting spam content are also classified as spam and can be deleted.It’s okay if you write on Quora about your product or company — either in an answer to a relevant question or as a post on your Quora blog [3 — but if you publish the same information repeatedly or intentionally publish the same information using the wrong topics for posts to generate more visibility, this can be considered spam.
If topics are used incorrectly for a post or blog, Quora can take the steps described here.Partner links [4 are not allowed on Quora and all content that uses partner links is classified as spam.
This can happen if your content has been classified as spam:

  • Your account may be suspended or banned.
  • Content detected as spam can be deleted.

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