How does music affect your daily life?

It’s actually a very personal question for me, because I’m hearing impaired.

I was heavily injured in my ears when I was 8 or 10 years old.Since then I have listened more or less always to the same songs, unable to hear all the nuances in each played song, or to pick up what the song was played in public places.

I’m not completely deaf, but I wouldn’t be as easy to pick up a song as others.

I discovered Queen when I was 12 and listened to it non-stop, with headphones.(It also helped me learn English on my own).

Queen meant much to me, the music and personality of Freddie had great influence on my life.Somehow I could connect to Queen’s music, and I still do. It feels like home.

For indefinite reasons I have never had my ears checked by a specialist until 2018.

It has changed my life, because since then I listen to music every day, while I’m working or while I’m showering, while I’m cooking benâ € ¦ I started collecting Lp’s and broadening my horizons musically.When I get home from my work, I turn and LP and I start cooking. Sometimes I dance in my living room while I listen to new plates I found that day in the Thrieve shop. I enjoy music in full.

I even have a Queen tattoo… Only the text “Another heartache, another failed romance” (from â € œThe Show must go onâ €) because I now that I hear again normally, in these specific texts all the nuances of Freddie’s voice can hear, and it makes me cry almost every time.My former colleague actually filmed me while I was listening to this song for the first time after receiving my hearing aid… I look so happy!

Music helps me think, helps me be more creative, gives me energy or helps me relax.Music is everything.

I am a little too sick nowadays to listen to music often, but until a year ago the computer was one of the first things that went on when I got up (yes yes, before my knickers often even!) and then music to it.

I prefer to listen to music all day long.I have a list of ALL my music and there is everything in it. Dutch, English speaking, Romanian, Greek, French, Danish, Swedish. New wave, punk, metal, jazz, bluegrass, pop, hardcore, industrial, death metal, hip hop, progressive, Trip hop, R & B, ska, reggae, blues, dubstep, a little bit of disco, and anything and everything in between. 1910â € “2019.

And that turns everything nicely together haha.It goes from jazz to metal, from 1910 to 2019. Delicious.

Anofje for the soul, nothing less than that.Music strengthens or rashes. Music triggers a reminder, or a reminder triggers a tune from bygone times.

What we realize less is that music has become timeless from the advent of CDâ €™ s.The music from my Father â €™ s Childhood (20â € ² there years last century) was transient. Certainly 78 rpm plates didn’t last long. I haven’t heard much of â € ̃beâ €™ music. Occasionally once Lou Bendy on the radio, or Glenn Millerâ €™ s big-band, then you’ve had it.

My children can listen to all the music from my childhood.Not that they will do that from their own accord, but I still regularly have the necessary to Pink Floyd, Stones, etc. On it.

We can™ now listen to a bit of all the music from all over the world, which is a huge amount.And also very old music as long as a rendition is recorded is within reach.

The only obstacle may be that you SHOULD not listen to a government or other authority.When you think about this, this inexhaustible source of inspiration suddenly becomes very fragile.

Besides eating, drinking and a roof over your head, music might be the most important thing there is.

Music is the most abstract art form out there.

So there it started to get into the glasses for me though. I have been told that before I could walk, I was completely mesmerised by music.There are fotoâ €™ s of me on which I sit in front of a large radio unit (I am 61, and at that time you had no MP3 players), listening to the jazz of my mother, or à © à © N of her brothers, or from my grandfather of Motherâ €™ s side.

That love for jazz, perhaps the most abstract of all music forms, has never gone out of it.It doesn’t matter what typhoid humor I hebâ € ¦ music as â € ̃t. There is music that can always pull me out of the pit, if only temporarily (something that I have from my mother, I think).

‘, ‘ Very much.It’s almost my life. I play electric guitar and that’s one of my passions. Outside of that I listen a lot of music and that is very often my ‘ drive ‘.

“,” I am?

Do I ever ask myself?!

What am I?I think that is quite confrontational.

I am a 41 year old man who stands up with a song in My head.Every day 7 days a week etc etc etc.

My interest in almost every kind of style in music has resulted in me having a large database of music and know.

I never watch any TV except documentaries on YouTube and Netflix then.And sporadically the world is running, but it is.

My day consists of listening and making music and a little bit of cooking and complaining about the weather like any Dutchman 🙠“.

Influenced your state of mind.Specific types of music such as hardcore and frenchcore can even greatly promote my concentration. It can also have a strong positive impact on sports performance. It can strengthen sombre emotional state, which can be beneficial. Radiohead..

But usually music makes me happier and more cheerful.

I understand that there are people who have little affinity with music.Strong arguments from those people usually concern the fact that music can influence the state of mind. For those people that’s something negative…..

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