How does love become love?

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According to the witnesses, the attack on Great Babylon and its elimination begins in the foreseeable future (Revelation 17/15 ff),

then the attack on Jehovah’s Witnesses (Revelation 16/13-16)

the political powers, of course, cannot literally attack Jesus; so they attack his people


then the intervention of Jehovah (Sach.2/8)

then beginning of a thousand years

and I shouldn’t want to live on, hoping to experience this change?

Love philosophy

First, get to know your partner thoroughly to see if your views are consistent on essential points, because true love must last a lifetime

how did Schiller write?

check who binds forever

whether the heart is found in the heart

let me know when the wedding is taking place, that I can congratulate you on it

and a suitable Bible verse

(Proverbs 5:15-23) (NW)……. Drink water from your own cistern and sprinkle from the middle of your own well.


Should your springs be scattered outside, into the public squares [your water streams?


May it turn out that they are alone for you and not for strangers with you.


May your water spring prove blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your youth,


an adorable Hindin and a graceful chamois.Your breasts may intoxicate you at all times. Through their love may you be constantly in a tumult.


So why should you, my son, be in a tumble with a stranger or hug the bosom of a foreigner?


For the ways of the man are before the sight of Jehovah, and he looks at all his ways.


His own transgressions will catch the evil one, and he will be caught in the ropes of his own sin.


He will be the one who will die, because there is no breeding, and [because he is wrong in the fullness of his folly).


The Second Coming of Christ

Christ comes invisible

Already at the end of the 19th century, the biblical scholars came to this realization on the basis of the following biblical statements:

John 14/19

Only at the court execution will the B枚.sen “see” orthat Christ is practising judgment. She will “see” in the sense of Christ, as Job saw God (Job 42/5)

Acts 1/10,11 The angel did not say, “He whom you have seen ascend from the earth” but “as you have seen him ascend to heaven!That phase of his Ascension, which covered the Cloud>>Heaven section, was invisible.

From this passage and from passages 2 Moses 19/16-19; 2.Moses 13:21 and 1.K枚.8/10 is recognizable according to the rule “the Bible explains the Bible” that the “cloud” symbolizes “invisibility”.All passages concerning the Second Coming of Christ are associated with the cloud” (Dan.7/13; Mat.24/30; Mat.26/64; Mark.13/26; Mark.14/62; Luk.21/27; Offb.1/7; Offb.14/14.

From the scriptures 2 Moses 19/16-19; 2.Moses 13:21 and 1.K枚.8/10 is also recognizable that the “cloud” symbolizes “invisibility”.

What does the Greek word PAROUSIA mean?

As can be seen from the Langenscheidt and also from the Bible, this word means “present” and not “future” or “arrival”, as some translate.

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From the Langenscheidt

2.Cor.10/10 Phil.2/12

The Apostles asked the Oil Mountain about his Present .


According to exact translation, therefore, the Apostles on the Mount of Olives asked Jesus for the sign of his Present

In the Bible, this meaning of words is related to “parousia” from, for example, 1 Cor.15/23; 2.Cor.7/6;; 1.Thess.3/13; 1.Thess.5/23; 2.Petr.3/4.In all these passages “parousia” is written, but only in a few verses the word is accurately reproduced in various translations.

Therefore, if Christ is inspired by the sign of his Present speaks, so this also confirms that he comes invisible, for signs of his presence would be superfluous if he were to come visibly.

The Prophetate of the Last Days of Jesus

Jesus answers the triple question of his disciples in one breath:


When will these things happen?

Immediately before, Jesus had been devastated by the destruction of the temple (orJerusalem) ; so the first question referred to this destruction.


and what will be the sign of your presence… to be?

it was thus built according to the sign of its Present a present comprises a period of time that begins with a beginning and ends.


what will be the sign of the completion of the system of things?

the Greek word “aion” means “age”.What age should end? In the 1st century, the Jewish age ended as an independent nation; in greater fulfilment, the global man-made age of the human social order should end and then the Messiah rule should begin.

It is no coincidence that he combines the end of the Jewish system and, on the other hand, the end of the human social order in a single answer.It often happens in the Bible that a prophecy is fulfilled several times, which means one fulfillment in the small, the other a fulfillment in the great. At that time Christ was present as a man, in the greater fulfillment (2nd present) he should also be present, but already as a king appointed (Dan.7/ 13:14). Obviously, there is a certain prophetic parallelism between the first and second present.

The Time factor

The beginning of the first present was clearly characterized by an unencrypted time prophecy Dan.9/24-27), but the time of the execution of the nation of Israel was not (70 uZ).

If God has indicated a time prophecy for the beginning of the visible presence of Christ, although he could have been recognized in this way from the rest of the prophecy, a consistent God also indicates a prophecy of time for the beginning of christ’s second presence, even where the presence of Christ is invisible.

The clue in this direction is Luk.21/24, where the times of the Gentiles are mentioned, which are to be fulfilled at a certain time.


The disciples of Jesus should not know this time (Acts 1/7), therefore this time prophecy can only be present in an encrypted form in the Bible; but the (end-time) servants of God are assured that they will know in good time when God intends to intervene in the history of men: Already in the Old Testament, the true servants of God are assured that they will be able to do so before God intervenes. would be informed in good time:

Amos 3/7 Jes.42/9

But what condition did the disciples of The Last Day of Jesus have to fulfil?

The prophet Daniel pronounces it:

Daniel 12:4;9-10

The prophet Malachi proclaims it in a similar way:


Religious cleansing took place by watering down all the unbiblical things that diluted true Christianity, such as philisophy (Col.2/8), influences of pagan religions (2 Cor.6/14-18) and other non-biblical traditions (cf.Mat.15/6), and a return to the original pure and unadulterated Christianity of prehistoric times took place. In this way, and through the application of the Bible interpretation rule “the Bible (i.e. God) explains the Bible”, the Biblical scholars (Je.hovas Ze.ugen) attained a full understanding of prophecy, which was written in symbols or symbols, and thus a clear understanding of the course of the second presence of Jesus.

Thirty-five years before 1914, the Biblical scholars deciphered this time prophecy regarding the end of the times of the Gentiles and proclaimed that 1914 would be the time. [1


What should take place on the earthly scene as confirmation that the days of the Gentiles (nations) had ended?According to the prophecy of the Last Days of Jesus (Mat.24; Mark.13; luk.21) the contractions that Jesus mentions in his prophecy: extensive famines, natural disasters on an enormous scale, serious epidemics (pandemics[2


) and as the beginning of a world-wide war (Mat.24/7); and the positive: from then on, a worldwide work of preaching (Mat.24/14) informing the world that the dominion of Christ announced in the Bible had begun, and thus also the End-time with regard to the social system created by man.

Mat.24/7. Instructions: Create a text with bible passages (copy later on document),

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Genesis 1/1 (JB)……… In the beginning,…

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That the beginning of Christ’s dominion in heaven is the result of a rapid deterioration of the conditions on earth can be seen from the following Bible verse:

Offb.6/1,2 Offb.6/3

The century of mass slaughter begins in 1914; the following riders also run in parallel with the prophecy of the Last Days of Jesus.But who is the first rider? Jesus Christ (cf. Rev.19/11 ff), which is marked with the sign of the rule of rule.

This prophecy thus confirms that with the beginning of the reign of Jesus the conditions would deteriorate to such an extent that the existence of the survival of mankind is already called into question (nuclear arsenal of weapons, air and water pollution, dangers of global warming, etc.).

The explanation for this is again provided by the Bible.

the first act of Jesus

Offb.12/7-9 Offb.12/12

It is clear from Revelation 11/17 that this examination is connected with the assumption of the dominion of Jesus over the earth.In Rev.12/1,2,5 the beginning of Messianic rule is described as a birth.

The fact that the first phase of Christ’s dominion should still run parallel to the existence of this human system , that is, parallel to the reign of the prince of this world (John 14/27) 鈥?is already contained in the Hebrew Scriptures (AT).Since various translations reproduce the text inaccurately, I quote from a Jewish Bible and from the BIBLIA HEBRAICA by Rudolf Kittel:

Psalm 110/1-6

by Rudolf Kittel

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The following can be seen:

the enthronement of Jesus

his dominion in the midst of his enemies

a willing people from the beginning of their reign

The willing people were bullied in the one-size-fits-all translation and in the Jerusalem Bible!!

With fear, the Biblical scholars awaited the year 1914 and attached various expectations to it.

Prominent men from politics and religion prayed for peace, but in the watchtower of December 1914 it read:

The esteemed President of the United States [Woodrow Wilson, with commendable intent, has chosen 4 October as a bedding in the interests of peace in Europe.On this point, however, we disagree with the President, as much as we value peace, we have worked as peacemakers throughout our lives. We cannot ask the Almighty to reshape his plans to match those of the esteemed President.

Already 2 500 years ago, through the prophets of the Bible, God proclaimed this great war to his people, as well as the even more terrible “Harmagedon” that will follow; and we could not therefore expect him to change his programme for our sake.

The first puzzle-stone setting of the end-time prophecy proved to be correct,

Christ compares the Last Days with the time of Noah.Before the Flood, Yahweh had a sermon carried out (2.Peter.2/5) and most took no serious knowledge of it, so God also lets such a work be carried out today in the Last Days, so that no one can then argue that he knew nothing about it.

Who is carrying out a worldwide sermon today and proclaiming that Jesus’ reign began in 1914?J.eho.vas Z.eugen.

When Jesus’ dominion ends in the midst of his enemies, his action against his enemies begins.

and from this time Jesus says:


[1) the author of this document is happy to provide a detailed treatise on this

[2) such as the Spanish flu, which spared only two islands

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