How does it feel to travel to another country and drive on the other side of the road?

I have now made some road trips through countries where links are being driven.Let me say that I don’t own a car and usually only drive holidays in a rental car.

In 2014 I have been on holiday to South Africa, where they drive left.That was the first time I had to drive on the left side of the road. Because the handlebars and everything is also on the other side of the car, the changeover is not really tricky. I drove from Johannesburg to Praetoria (about the distance Amsterdam-Utrecht), and within half an hour the left drive felt very natural.
During the next three weeks I drove through the country with three other lazy.The drive left turned out for none of us to be just a problem. The pedals are still in the same order, so your feet don’t need to be adjusted. It’s pure that you have to switch links now, but that gets used fast. Also, you should be careful that in traffic everything is now reversed: you pick up Auto芒 鈧劉 s right, drive as many links as possible on the track and pay close attention when inserting. When I was driving just a minute, I drove the wrong side of a provincial road, with counter-beams. Luckily at a traffic light, so no accidents happened, but that was a wise lesson. After the first half hour everything was so natural that I had no further problems with it coming on the wrong side of the road.
However, this whole holiday was tricky, the turn signal and the windscreen wipers.They were still in the same place. However, because my hands were working the other way around (switching to the left), I kept getting the windshield wiper and the direction indicator together regularly.

Three years later, in 2017, I made a road trip through Great Britain and Ireland, the countries par excellence to drive left.What struck me when I got into the car in London was that I was actually used to driving almost directly to the left. Evidently, my body had to remember those few weeks left driving from three years earlier, and so I could drive away without any problems. I noticed, however, that I had no problems with the direction indicator and windshield wiper.

Last year, at the end of 2018, I went to Malta for a few days and explored those islands by car.Again it was not a problem to turn everything around and drive left, and again I had no problem with the windshield wiper and direction indicator.

So I noticed the following things:

  • Within half an hour I was used to driving left.
  • Especially in the beginning it is very good to pay attention to the road, because you easily expire in your pattern of driving right.
  • Once you have driven a while to the left, you can make the changeover again very easy.

And then there was something, which surprised me very much:

  • I found it more pleasant to drive left than right.

I do not understand why and I have no explanation for that.
EDIT: Mic D. Crane gave in the comments a good explanation: we do everything clockwise, except when we drive in traffic right.Hence it feels weirder to drive right back then to get used to driving left.

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