How does it feel to have no stomach and how do you deal with it?

I had a gastric bypass surgery almost ten years ago.

The concept is to loosen up your stomach and make a small pouch with your colon as a stomach substitute.

Then I had morbid obesity and I had to lose weight: You could compare it as if I wore an extra person on my back.

And the super fat person I was back then was not who I really was.

The idea to remove your stomach is so extreme that you would expect a huge impact on yourself when it’s done.

But in reality, if you are healed, you feel exactly the same as before.

Physically it feels no different.(Except maybe for the huge scar I have on my belly)

From a digestive and food processing perspective it is a completely different story.I have life-long consequences of this operation and it is sometimes heavy.

Here is a list of the side effects of without stomach to live:

  • Huge weight loss: you can’t eat as much as it used to be
  • Malabsorption: All the food you eat is processed directly by the colon.

(and which is not made to absorb the vitamins and nutrients and the nourishing elements of food).

  • Dumping syndrome: Since the colon is not made to process food that has not been processed beforehand by the stomach, fatty and sugary foods create a shock when eaten: the dumping syndrome.
  • The symptoms of the dumping syndrome are drowsiness, tachycardie, fainting, diarrhea.

  • Some people need to pass a lot of gas.
  • The abdomen can sometimes be quite noisy.

  • Because the vitamins and nutrients are not absorbed by the colon, you should regularly take a fairly heavy mix of vitamins, and if you don’t, you will get very easily anemia
  • Loss of power and energy
  • Problems with stool: some people without a stomach have to go to the toilets several times a day and can therefore get problems like the problem of the fistulae.
  • What food is no longer tolerated at all.
  • For example, if I take a sip of a Mcdonald’s milkshake, I get very sick immediately. That’s why I’ll never eat junk food again. It’s been 9 years since I last went to McDonalds (or other tents).

    Living without a stomach has helped me get more in touch with the needs of my body.

    I know, for example, that when I lust mussels, this means that I have a shortage of iron.It sounds pretty crazy but it’s what it is.

    After the surgery it felt like I completely re-instated my whole body, especially in terms of taste and tasting.

    By resetting I mean that for the first time in my adult life I could realize what the real taste of food is.

    An example is the day I took a mini snack croissant.Before the operation I could eat 1, 2 or 3 croissants, without noticing anything. After losing my stomach, when I tasted the croissant, I felt the whole thick layer of fat that immediately covered my whole palate and tongue. I realized how fat a croissant actually was. It is something we know, but who really realizes what is in the food?

    Having no stomach is a perfect radar to detect hidden sugars in processed foods.I never expected to find sugar in certain foods, but thanks to my new physical condition I got quite a few surprises.

    Being pregnant without having a stomach was a considerable challenge.My blood sugar level was so low that I was constantly about to faint during the first 5 months of pregnancy. Pregnant women should undergo a diabetes test during pregnancy. When the doctors saw my results, I was called in the ER. They said: We have never seen someone awake and get up with such a low amount of blood sugar.

    But hey, there I was.

    We can look at it from a positive perspective: thanks to the absence of stomach, I have learned to distinguish well from bad food and so learned to tackle my eating disorders.

    I lost 35 pounds thanks to the operation.

    Six years after the operation, I healed my last food addictions and started training and rugby and I lost another 20 kilos.

    A divorce and a few pounds less later… I am now 10 years after the operation and 60 Kilo芒 鈧劉 s fallen off.

    I have no problem with diabetes or too high blood pressure: they are always perfect.

    I actually laugh every time, because I’m still overweight and doctors always assume that my blood results will be terrible: in the collective brain, obesity = unhealthy.

    On the positive side, having no stomach has helped me to create a stronger bond with my body and its needs.This allowed me to feel like an adult how it is to be a baby that starts with solid food, and again discover the real flavors of food.

    It left me losing weight and probably some years of my life expectancy to win.But I am a special case.

    Minpoints… well, because I don’t have a stomach, I always force myself to be cautious with what I eat or drink, and I have to take my vitamins, otherwise I become anemic.(And I’ve gotten anemia after my divorce). Also, a huge minus: s芒 鈧劉 morning no more orange juice or fruit or any juice for me. And I am very wrong.

    But yes I would like to conclude this reply with a plus point so:

    Without stomach, I can get drunk very easily and for a tangime.


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