How does humility help you to improve your skills?

R.Soul, I will try to improve the relationship between humility and skills trying to expose from my perspective.

I see regular leaders around me who are dirty from humility.For them it is about power, making decisions and pressing this at que at.

There are also other leaders.A leadership style in which humility and determination go together. These leaders know exactly what they want, but they are humble enough to know that the staff often know more about the theme than he/she. To ensure that the right strategy and tactics are applied and that it is also practically feasible, he/she is therefore going to the employees to learn from them and to develop the best strategy together with them.

This creates a strategy that does not have to be pushed by the larynx V/d employees (they have designed them themselves), and it is by definition a practically viable strategy that costs little energy.

In the process, the supervisor has not only grown more trust, but also made the employees proud because the supervisor has used their plan.Finally, the supervisor has again learned more about the value-adding part of the organization and what the employees do.

Grateful you must be,

Humble and small.

(Song of Robert Long)

I have thought deeply about your question but I do not see any connection between humility and improving skills.I can’t follow your brainwave simply.

I also see no connection between learning and humility.And I see no benefit in humility. Unless you have superiors who demand humility. But hey, it’s 2019, the feudal times have been.


R.Ilbrink, thanks for your view. It brightens up a lot *

  • As if we were coming from different planets.

The notion of humility has a total for me, but really totally different meaning. For me, humility is the same as Kruiperigheid, making you as small and invisible as possible, giving you ‘ lower ‘, making yourself as low as possible. So bend, on your knees go for a higher placed, as you ate did before the king.

  • But: I’ll post your definition.
  • Learned again. Well, in order to improve skills, one must first recognize these not or badly possess?There is some humility that is in place.

    I think we are experiencing a lost-in-translation thingy here.

    If we leave the question as ‘ ie, I join R soul.

    If we replace the word “humility” with “modesty” in the question, it becomes a completely different story, and then I am much more in the corner of Robert Ilbrink.
    Of whom I suspect that ‘ ie hates the use of Arial or Helvetica, but now I wander.

    I think humility helps you accept what others are saying.Or in some cases, to consider truth. So it helps you to admit at least other thought images. Considering other views, other systems, etc, can have great benefits for your skills.

    I think humility also helps you to be obedient too.Obedience is a good trait for sure in youthful years. Obedient children usually have an easier childhood than disobedient children.

    Besides that, I do suspect that humility protects you from pride.That you don’t think so quickly that you’re there and don’t have to do your best. That you think before, “I’m the number 2, so I need to work harder.” And if as far as an extra motivator works.

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