How does gravity work?

How does gravity work?

Gravity does not work, but is the cause of the change in the direction of a movement.Gravity can only be understood logically if I start with the description of a photon.

Gravity is the consequence of space curvature.I recognize things in space exclusively as objects that move. These objects show their characteristic effect, as a point from which the three known dimensions (the 3D plane) are curved into another dimension (the 4D plane).

So let’s say again:
I only have the point and it moves always and ever at the speed of light.

!!!There is no more !!!

Other speed or other types of objects are just a mixture of this basic finding.Time is also involved in the speed, as well as the spatial direction of the movement. The obsolete model of contemplation of physics criminally ignores this, which will still turn out to be a serious error, because from this the mass and thus the long-sought gravitational interaction is completely unsubstantiated.

The object in question is a photon, the typical base model.The photon is therefore a special marking of space and that is what we understand as a curvature of space and thus justifies gravity. The complement of which is the space portion curved into the 4D plane represents the electromagnetic. That’s what I’ve just answered on Quora, so I recommend reading . Isn’t Coulomb’s law the same as Newton’s gravitational formula?

I always illustrate this as a route or a horizontal dimension (X axis) that is curved into another vertical dimension (Y axis). The curved is now on the Y axis and the distance of the X axis is shorter by the amount. But the curvature itself follows a circular function, which means that a radius determines the depth of this curvature. This is not clear and comprehensible for everyone, so I offer you a link for a 3D here. Model of differential geometry, where you can move the perspectives with the mouse and if you try to form the red circle there, then you see that a circle can be represented both as a sine wave and as a cosine arc.Nevertheless, it remains only a perspective of the course of a circular function. But if you don’t follow the link, you don’t need to read any more, because to understand why I draw a circle, it is essential to understand how the circle can also be a wave.

But the two ends of the horizontal black track of the X-axis will come ever closer, because the missing amount of curvature into the vertical red Y-axis will correspond to greater.And that Y-axis then represents the electromagnetic effect, whereby the X-axis then shows the gravitational effects.

Now you can see what bends the room, but i’m happy to overlook the fact that a small amount is taken from the entire room.

And that is what I now present as a great circle of the whole universe. This means that the more red circles are used, the more the black circle is reduced. The black circle thus represents the general gravity of the 3D plane and the object, on the other hand, has a spatially limited area of action with a more curved portion of space, which I call object gravity. At the same time, however, the electromagnetic complement of this object gravity has increased on the object at the 4D level and is now marked as a red circle.

However, since the whole thing already exists and does not have to arise first, as in the known scenario of the Big Bang mischief, all sizes are therefore statically fixed and only the objects move with them with their mobile object gravity of their 3D plane and their electromagnetic Shares of the 4D level.

The original description does not end there, but still describes undeterred any other physical process.

But I’m not going to elaborate on that here, because gravity also changes the direction of the movements and that shows what mass actually is and how the gravitational effect is transmitted to the objects without substance, etc. Etc. – you will find everything described in my blog.

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