How does gravity work at the quantum level?

In terms of popular science, your question is:
What holds the world together in its innermost?

The standard model of physics cannot explain your question, but that doesn’t mean there is no explanation, because there is one that is just waiting for academic recognition.So what I am answering now is certainly not the wisdom of today’s science, but certainly an alternative that should be seriously considered. This alternative looks at any movement from the smallest possible plane of Planck’s pixels, which is made up of all the quantums of this universe. And that pixel is a substantial thing that curves the space, it’s kind of a gravitational that curves the space, i.e. causes gravity.

Because time is the cause and the effect we call movement.

We need to understand the change in the direction of movement as the effect of gravity.

So this is the fabric from which the universe is made, and gravity is the ‘force’that holds the world together at its core and at the same time keeps it at a distance by revealing itself electromagnetically at its complementary level, for the world is not three-dimensional, but has four spatial dimensions, which I can look at from two levels.

This model of imagination is called‘ boni-tis-tic geometry‘ and it can explain things even in popular scientific expression.For the usual mathematical acrobatics only obscure the insight into the submicrocosm. Of course, it is also possible to formulate the whole thing mathematically so abstractly that no one recognizes the connections anymore. In order to explain the function of gravity, there is a little need for abstraction, and therefore it is ultimately possible to formulate it mathematically without great circumstances. But I don’t do this on Quora, because I think it’s important to describe questions in a popular way, because I don’t need to disguise my knowledge.

Because I don’t think I know anything white, but I know that even without an academic graduation, I can imagine how it works.

So, the cause of gravity has the effect that the direction of a movement changes.And quantums such as bosons or photons, which now move, for example, through a gravitational field and then change direction only a little in their absolute straight path, but any deviation from a straight line inevitably ends as curvature. And especially numerous repetitions of the movement process will only amplify the effect, such as high-frequency vibrations.

The change is caused by the distance to the next point of a motion, because in a gravitational field all distances in the direction of the field center are shortened by 1/r.The movement itself is always a change to the shortest point of its immediate surroundings. I understand a sequence of such position changes as a way or as a physical process, if the path is constantly repeated, such as orbits of objects that orbit something, because gravity constantly influences their direction of movement until the path Kreisbahn is and not just a straight path.

In this way, the movement through our gravitational field would have to cause a rather weak change in the straight-line movement.But the bosons, photons, quanta or objects have a spinning, so there every pixel in the object itself moves. And matter is a container in which such objects also move. The objects orbit each other at the heart of matter, because there, too, gravity influences the direction of movement and keeps the objects together. And atoms are containers for such matter-particles. And the most famous is the electron that draws its circles in the atom. Therefore, everything material consists of particles that orbit each other. For example, the particles in the innermost part of the atoms rotate their circular orbits and cross the shorter distances towards the center much more often than once. This ultimately leads to significant route differences towards the centre. We call this gravity or gravity.

But this was only the half answer to your question, because the other function is based on the effect that all these circular paths have a radius, which is also shortened by gravity and therefore shortens the orbits of the orbits and thus shortens the process duration, what we now consider to be quite understandable is that such shortened processes also require less time and therefore the time would never have to be stretched in order to explain the time difference plausibly.But the standard model of physics still strives to stretch time to explain the logical consequence of shorter paths. Thus, according to the standard model, gravity would also be an infinite sequence of time dilation to the center of the objects.

Yes people, in this way, of course, the explanations become an absurd incomprehensible abstraction when plausibility is plunged into the occult swamp of time, because one cannot admit that one does not understand what holds the world together at its core.

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