How does good and bad ice cream differ and how do you see the difference?

Let’s start with the ice cream in the ice cream parlour.

Do you know, earlier?

There was never a decorative mountain on it in the Italian ice cream parlour.

because they have not yet made the ice cream with ready-made mixtures, but with real ingredients.

of which they have produced only what was consumed on a maximum of two days.

fresh Ice doesn’t hold.

and it doesn’t hold a mountain.

To keep it, you have to put stabilizers in

this is the stuff that keeps the ice in shape, even when it’s melted.Creepy.


in your good ice cream parlour the ice cream is flattened.

and when the iceman picks up a new variety from behind, the vessel is usually only half full.

that’s what it looks like.

such an ice cream parlour is empty nowadays.unfortunately. Because no one knows.

afterwards I will write you something about packaged ice cream.This is a bit more complicated.

Until then.

so, second part.

now to ready-made ice cream from the supermarket

Here we have a mixture of jungle and science that you have to cope with.

First of all, make sure that there are different names.

These are not random, but prescribed by law.

There are a lot of names, but I would like to focus on two.

When it’s there

Ice cream with vanilla flavor, fingers away.

When there is icecream, it gets more interesting.

The ice cream usually contains very little cream and milk.

It’s nicely cheap, but look at the ingredientslist.

There you will find coconut fat and mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids.

This is very, very unpleasant for your liver.

For the taste too.

in any case.Then we have the icecream, and there is, if you’re lucky, a decent amount of cream and/or milk in it.

30% is good, 40 and over…. delicious!

What else should be in it?

Sugar, eggs, me, cream and nuts, or chocolate, at least things you know.

Now something else.

The weight.

A litre usually weighs one kilo.

But if you look at the giant packs of cheap ice there is something like 1 L / 500 gr.

How come?

The rest is air.

The ice is super fluffy with air.

And it contains plenty of stabilizersso that it doesn’t collapse.

For example, if you have Ha盲gen Dasz, volume and weight are almost thesame.

This means that the haebe is expensive, but not soooo much more expensive then also not, because you buy half the air with you.

Then a tip:

Ha盲gen is good and a few smaller suppliers.

But here’s an insider tip:

At Aldi, Supreme Premium ice cream is available in the family cup.

No, they don’t pay me;)

Same quantity as Ha盲gen, almost the same quality.

Then there is the house brand from The Rewe.

There are only 5 ingredients in the vanilla ice cream.

Really good. But more milky than creamy.

The ice cream from an ice machine at home tastes best.I bought a self-cooling one for 160 euros.


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