How does consciousness arise in our everyday life?

Without first describing the necessary difference between consciousness and consciousness, first of all the statement that consciousness/consciousness is based on all the genetic foundations of the individual, on which then all influences and influences are processed neurally, and then saved while a brain is still functioning.

The sum of these neuronal-calculated memory contents is to be regarded as the knowledge of oneself, its forms of action, its character weights, its abilities, its character, etc., i.e. as the knowledge of oneself.

Any further intake, i.e. any kind of information, is processed according to the weights and tendencies already stored in memory, i.e. filtered according to the developed personality.

One is interested in sport or politics, the other is not at all.

But everyone more or less feels where his points of view go in his life, until one finds for oneself more and more with the number of years of life:

This is me, my self, which is manifested in only my own unconscious special selection of all influences affecting me, whereby I can of course only take into account a part of all influences and influences, and most of it anyway without thinking is subconsciously filtered and discarded by the brain (the genes).

So I hide far more in my life than I ever record; So my personality is actually more based on hiding most of it and not editing it at all, and instead I deal only with my environment to a very limited extent, which at the same time makes filtering very easy for me by only seeing or reading what I am interested, and choose the respective interest orientations themselves (but initially only unconsciously), see workplace, taste of music, food selection, choice of persons, political elections, media, etc., etc., etc..

First of all, what has been written so far could be seen more as a description of people’s personality formation.

In fact, however, every kind of so-called “Awareness nothing but the result of the personality experience through itself, with the result of knowledge about oneself and its character.

And it is precisely this that determines, so forms the basis for what we develop within ourselves, what thoughts we generate, and what we then perceive as so-called impulses of consciousness from and within us.

Since there is really no separation between unconscious and conscious, but the brain apparatus works completely different, now only shortens the hint:

What we perceive as conscious is only the part of the stored and directly calculated knowledge, which is given out of the so-called subconscious specifically according to genetic principles and criteria.

What emerges as knowledge about and out of us serves only the intercollective coordination of objectives for the efficiency of the collectives, thus has absolutely nothing to do with the classical concept of consciousness.

So what and how we talk and communicate is only the very small part of the so-called “Unconscious, who is to become aware, genetically controlled, because it is necessary to act effectively in community (speech, gestures, actions, movements, mimics, signs, etc.), which significantly increases the evolutionary survivability.

The individual does not have control over this, because the brain functions take place independently of the so-called considerations of their carrier, and only the genetically controlled output becomes collectively, i.e. consciously experienced, first by the individual himself, who output but only for this reason to communicate it for the above reasons of effectiveness.

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Consequently, all consciousness, that is, what flows out of ourselves in signals, is never consciously generated by us, but is initiated and genetically controlled by the logical and constant foundations of the universe.

Consequently, the idea that “man would be of a so-called “man” is superfluous.consciousness that would exist outside the logical-biological-physical foundations of the world”, since in real life all functions of the brain function purely bio-logically, without any so-called. mental influence.

So what we experience in everyday life as our own self-perception is only an indication from the subconscious genetic thinking functions of the brain, which are meant to remind us that we always live as individuals within different collectives, in which we each different roles, and we therefore ultimately define ourselves through the real collectives, through the corresponding feedback and repercussions.

Self-confidence thus ultimately serves only to discipline one’s own behaviour within our collectives, so as not to experience too great disadvantages due to mistakes.

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