How does a narcissist “dress” you to become a “marionette”?

The only thing that resists the narcissistic training most is its authenticity, which is experienced as real emotions, original perceptions and sincere indignation.Your authenticity is also responsible for healthy boundaries, your self-esteem, your conscience, your integrity and your courage, that is, your sovereignty. If you are authentic, hear lies, are blown gas, or love with bombs evokean uneasy feeling, you can feel falsehood as long as the narcissist cannot. And that’s why the narcissist wants to break authenticity the most.

Note that all the horrible, harmful things that narcissism does have one thing in common.You try to break your authenticity, either by small pieces or by larger chunks, by using lies, gas flames, projection and emotional blackmail to destroy your reality testing, your natural emotional reactions, the validity Your perceptions, your innate ability to separate truth from lies, your belief in goodness, your spontaneity, and ultimately your innate belief that you are not crazy or worthless. The goal is to replace your truth with your lies by manipulating your beliefs, your empathy is being used against you, through your standard tendency to believe that people speak the truth and believe the history of others.

The success of this project ultimately requires your cooperation.You must subconsciously agree to betray yourself. No one in their original, unadulterated state would do that. Therefore, narcissism constantly brings small digs and small love bombs to you to move you along the intended path like the carrot and stick method, with the overhanging danger that you will not play along. You will lose their love, every now and then instead of small digs, they sting you viciously with a spear, but soon after you throw off a huge love bomb to confuse and calm you down. All narcissistic manipulations of your mind and feelings are meant to make you reveal yourself more and more, so that you can separate yourself from your authenticity and become a gradually less sovereign person

The narcissist tries to break your authenticity by triggering self-betrayal.

If the narcissists can complete their project, and this is just an extreme circumstance, you will undergo a personality change, you will be left dead inside and just as incapable of distinguishing the truth from lies, because all your Thoughts and emotions this would lead to lies and deceptions will lose your identity and gain a disturbing flexibility to adapt to others; Morality becomes something you used to adhere to.You will find that you can no longer think directly because rationality has been replaced by twisted narcissistic logic, and you will experience a relentless addiction to constantly find something that temporarily fills the void that has arisen in you.

You become self-destructive and feel worthless all the time, except when you abuse someone or when you like the narcissism renounced all your rights and your personality.Then you will literally turn into an extension of narcissism, like a link. Most victims of narcissistic abuse never get into this phase, they go before things get so bad. Something in them explains a border and they decide for the truth about narcissism. Choosing the truth about narcissism is something that most of us have unconsciously encountered in our childhood. When we are narcissistically abused as adults, we make this choice again and confirm our decision to honor the truth so that we do not become a narcissism.

As long as you choose the truth, you cannot become a narcissist.

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