How does 4D geometry work? How does a movement in electromagnetic and gravitational fields describe itself. What is the 2nd type of interaction.

How does 4D geometry work?How does a movement in electromagnetic and gravitational fields describe itself. What is the 2nd type of interaction.

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For example, what distinguishes it from a wave or a field?
b) What is a photon made of?
c) What kind of particle does an antenna emit?
d) What energy does the field wave attract and how does it switch to the environment?
(e) How does the ‘difficult-looking’ interaction of the 2nd type come about?

What is a particle?For example, what distinguishes it from a wave or a field?

It is not easy to proclaim an electromagnetic wave in a popular science, because on the one hand the photon would be called a singular particle and on the other hand a universe would create an unimaginably large amount of photons that could form the medium of a wave. which we also understand as a field.Both are electromagnetic fields with different properties. Therefore, the two wave-basic structures should not be generalized as a wave, but they must be differentiated.

When you think of radio waves, for example, you generally speak of an electromagnetic field that fills the universe globally.I call this an environment field. But if you think of a singular photon, it is an object field. However, both fields have different properties. Nevertheless, the energy content of both wave types can be distinguished and calculated.

What is made of orwhat is a photon?

So, in connection with the question of the origin of the universe, no one has thought that what constitutes the universe can only be a basic substance and that as a blo’ medium it simply does not allow any differentiations.So it must be something that makes up the difference between being and not being that constitutes differentiation. And that is exactly what the photon comes into play, as the basic substance of all the existing things of this universe. Even time and space are not relevant without the said difference.

But it is not really possible for me to give a complete answer here, I cannot show the consequences of all the assignments at once, that would be for the famous “pearls to the feet“This would produce only meter-long text without any sparrow brain being able to grasp what is written here.

Time is that element that does not allow the photon to stand still, and the space is there to act by describing a spherical portion of space with its radius of action.So the photon is a small limited area of space, a simple marking of the structure of the room. The structure is the possibility to determine the freedom to position one’s position in space over four dimensions, i.e. its presence in the present. And this marking is a kind of cremmung, wherein one of the four dimensions represents a relationship, a distance, which determines the radius of the photon, thus marking the 4D sphere from the center to the edge of its range of action.

Well, concretely, the photon is not really a little criticized, but only defines how large the photon is far in each possible direction the marked area extends, which then inevitably results in a sphere.

But that wouldn’t even be half the truth, no, because this label has the effect of curvaging the relationship or the relationship.change the distance. From a two-dimensional point of view, a curvature is just a deflection in a different direction, e.g. an X axis is deflected into a Y axis. Consistently performed with the same curvature factor, this ends as a circle, where the radius determines the curvature factor. Thus, an X-Straight will be 2€, which means that at the X-level a track will be contracted by the amount by which the Y-plane expands.

Three-dimensionally, this is the typical phenomenon that we know on our 3D plane as a gravitational effect and from the 4D plane as an electromagnetic effect.

You also know the 4D plane at the magnetic field lines, which are in the same place where everything else is, and it seems as if the lines went through the table and walls. This is a simple geometric effect of multiple planes.

For example, just as a point occupies the X/Y axis on a circular surface, so many faces are on the Z axis of a sphere with the same X/Y positions.And with a 4D sphere there are many X/Y/Z positions. This means the things from the 4D layer are in your 3D level without them really being where you don’t think you can see them.

In this way, even the fewest understand what this has to do with the particle/wave dualism.And so few people understand why the photon has both gravitational and electromagnetic effects. And so even the fewest understand why a photon has no mass, because no one understands that the direction of movement makes the difference.

Nevertheless, many photons can ultimately represent an electromagnetic field and then appear as a gravitationally topologically deformed landscape.In my blog salon “bonitistic geometry” describes all global contexts, for those who really care and don’t just want to ask stupid questions.

I don’t think anyone is going to immediately grasp how much hangs on this one thing that we call photons.Therefore, there will probably be little interest in what a photon is made of, what a photon is, and that it is the mother of all being who gave birth to countless children and finally someone asked for her.

What kind of particle does an antenna emit?

So the EM field is a medium that I shake wavy, like a bed sheet, to make waves with it.And a photon is the basic part of the field, as the H2O atom is ultimately the basic part of the medium of water, where you would also have such field waves. Thus, the atom would be the pond, the water the field with which a field wave can be generated.

A photon is not an action of specific objects, but it is the base element of the global EM field.

A photon is thus an object that we can use from two different perspectives or layers. can be recorded. From the 3D plane it is a gravitational field and from the 4D plane it is an electromagnetic field. The one is the complement of the other and both fields occupy the same 3D coordinates as described in more detail under the true nature of time.

So the photon is, among other things, also an electromagnetic-acting object field, which I would like to describe here with the animation, because I do not want to say wave about it, just because the measuring instruments show a two-dimensional sine arc, which in reality, however, is concrete. three-dimensional relationships shows how the animated path of a single point, which then describes a helix from the motion, which is then interpreted on the oscilloscope only as an apparent wave, yet only the spatial form of action of the 4D sphere Reflected.

At the front is the negative, contracting half wave (the negative pole) and behind the positive expanding half wave (the positive pole), more details you can find out more about it in my salon blog.

What energy does the field wave attract and how does it switch to the environment?

I use the idea of an angler as an example.And he holds a swimmer with the fishing rod into the water and fidgets with the swimmer a bit, whereby waves are created at the place of the swimmer. This is like the idea of a radio station.

The H2O atom of the water is the basic substance, the medium from which the waves form, because the float from the fishing line stimulates the water surface to vibrate.

There are no objects or no atoms, no interacting quanta from the float, but the energy of its back and forth wobbling movements transfer gravitationally to the wave formation of the water surface. The inner movements of all objects involved of any kind are disturbed.

The directions of the movements of all the objects involved are changed without substance, i.e. without a quantum changing from one place to another.This is the known mystery that physics has not yet been able to solve. The second type ofinteraction, which was imped in the form of gravitons.

The angler’s swimmer is obviously lifted up and down and the water will fall back to this hole at “high” ™ and will be drowned again at “down” ™.That would be a primitive gravitational description. The electrical description is similar, i.e.:

A transmitter moves its electrons in an antenna, once up and then down again, changing the voltage back and forth.The change is called frequency. The electrons thus move mechanically in the antenna and let the environment experience their presence. As our swimmer of the Fishing did, he let his surroundings experience his presence.

And whether you ascribe the whole thing to the gravitational field or to the electromagnetic field, it does not matter, it is and remains a mystery to the standard model of physics.

W he is the ‘difficult-looking’ interaction of the 2nd type?

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