How do you write a great blog article?

1.Phase: Who are you writing for? Find your target group

It is sometimes very important to understand for whom the content is relevant.This is the only way you can adapt topics to target groups and illuminate specific topics in more detail. Your audience ultimately determines the content.Especially when you look at question-and-answer networks, you’ll quickly realize which questions haven’t been fully answered yet.

2.Phase: What topic do you want to write about? Find your focus on content

Find a topic that interests you and especially your target group.In any case, it makes sense to carry out a target group search. In the process, suitable ideas will run your way and maybe your topic will soon be fixed. Good programs to better get to know the interests of your target group is buzzsumo.Here you can also see immediately which topics are often shared. Thus, you increase a chance that your articles will also become more popular.

Otherwise, topics for a blog post can be found but also in magazines and in the Google News section.Current news can therefore be just as much a cause for a contribution as a point of content. The news section is also particularly recommendable, because you can meet the demands of your target group for high topicality. After all, news always sells better than already known content.

3.Phase: How do you reach your target group? Find the right medium

Of course, it’s important to post the posts on social media as well.

The more these are spread there, the better you will also meet the taste of the group in the long term. A great tool for this is Twitter Audience Insights.There you can deduce from the interests of your target group whether you pass them or if you already meet them quite well. Conveniently, you can also have the interests of all users spent. So you will soon appreciate the benefits of a good target group analysis.

4.Phase: How do you write a good blog post? Find a good style

When writing a blog post, you should observe some rules.

These help you to persevere with your concept and not to seem unambitious. First of all, you should have a good build-up.

How long should the item be?

The blog post should not be longer than 2000 words.But also no shorter than 1000 words. Although long articles are shared quite often, it happens that the blog post usually tends to contain 700-800 words and are therefore in absolute excess.

How often should articles be posted on social media?

It is the case that countless posts are now shared every day.If you still want to stand out in this quantity, you should share articles regularly. Already 2-4 sharings can double your impression rate on social networks.

5.Phase: How do you come up with new ideas for a blog post? Find new ways

A big problem besides the topicality of your articles is also the question of new content.

A good way to find new ideas is through keyword search.

Another way to come up with new ideas offer question and answers networks.Questions can be answered, so that there is also added value for your target group. It is best to stop by Quora, the largest German-language question-and-answerplatform, or similar providers.

6.Phase: How to keep your blog post attractive: Connect media to the post

Pictures say more than 1000 words.

Even if you don’t have to create documentation, it makes sense to display some facts with images. It loosens up the text when some content is clear at first glance. In addition, infographics are sometimes easy to

7.Phase: How do you create an added value: Complete your blog post with an offer

Before you finish your item make an offer.Offer a pdf version of the article or link to a detailed variant. Have you already written an extensive e-book on the subject? Then offer this as well. It quickly becomes apparent that you can increase the added value of the article for the reader with this offer.

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