How do you view the work of Dr. Angela Merkel?

I join Rolf Öttinger in chronicling their fake promises.

In addition, however, there are many other elementary errors:

To date, no immigration law has been drafted or passed, which means that too much of the so-calledasylum seekers (real economic refugees) is not very intelligent and therefore remains unqualified, at the expense of progress in D/EU.

See Wikipedia, etc.:

File:IQ by Country.png – Wikipedia

File:National IQ per country – estimates by Lynn and Vanhanen 2006.png – Wikipedia

World ranking of countries by their average IQ

If one compares the IQ in Germany over several decades, its steady decline is evident, in the same proportion to the increase in the number of descendants from the corresponding areas, starting in the 60s from Turkey, to the present day from the Arab region.

All the links above are based on decades of series investigations of the IQ, and are absolutely serious.

Unfortunately, this has to be pointed out, because otherwise accusations of racism or the like will come immediately, and therefore one must justify oneanother beforehand.

Merkel and much of the bourgeoisie, however, have completely ignored this very issue of the different IQ, which will have severe consequences for the structures in The D/EU.


A long-standing consequence is the ever-increasing spread of income, educational attainment, school performance, etc., but also less and less social cohesion, which is increasingly evident in elections and in the distribution of corresponding districts.

Cities are increasingly disintegrating into districts with a high proportion of migrants and immigrants from parts of the world with less intelligence, and on the other hand into distinctly bourgeois districts with AGerman-European (also Asian) population with high economic output. .

This must be made clear, because it is actually visible everywhere, but it is simply ignored or even denied out of good-human ideologies.

Leaving so-called “for school reasons alone”.“Already living here for a long time” (Merkel formulation) the catchment areas with a high proportion of Turks, Arabs and Africans, and move to other parts of the city so that their children have better opportunities.


Merkel has deprived the people here of her identity of origin, and thus also large parts of her social cohesion.See alone the throwing away of the German flag on an open stage, on at least. an event.

Economic enrichment of the upper classes cannot replace the pride in the individual and population’s own identitarian achievements (see also the fragmented voting behaviour).


Since the birth rate in D. is particularly low, this does not seem to be an issue in politics, especially since Merkel is also childless, and apparently cannot understand the problems of parents and children, i.e. the future population.

This is easy to see in the desolate school and youth policy, in ailing schools, too few teachers, teachers completely unprepared for Islamic youth, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc..


To this day, there is no public talk of sometimes very different behaviour of such immigrant groups, with the result that teachers are getting sick longer and earlier, hardly want ingesce into problem areas, except for a few young naive ones, and the teaching profession is always less attractive.

Of course, the problem is also increasingly affecting the administrations, as well as the police, the legal system, etc., etc., etc., as well as mass public knife bans, bollards in front of more and more buildings, police operations in employment agencies, etc., etc., visible.

This issue, too, is a taboo subject of the Merkel era, as is the extremely high level of clan crime, which has been completely ignored for decades of sick political correctness.


Professionally, I know the conditions in the corresponding districts very well, know a lot about the wealth growth of people who have never worked except to have received social security money, but still !good!which I am not going to decorate now.

These are not individuals, but entire strata that have accumulated very large fortunes, in Essen or Duisburg, just as in Berlin, Bremen, etc.

Politics, and Merkel in particular, has completely failed in this, and has ensured that there are no more integrated strata in D that are completely outside the usual economic conditions, alongside the districts and areas that have already been lost anyway.


Added to this is the role model effect of such clans and strata on large numbers of young migrants and the descendants of former Turkish-Arab immigrants, which is completely overlooked by politics.

Nothing that would be necessary in any way in the fight against crime, in the collection of crime money, in prevention for the protection of young migrants, in education, etc., etc., has been tackled by the Merkel government.

On the contrary, such absolutely important problems were largely overlooked to a large extent on purpose, and warnings such as Buschkowsky, etc., who see the realities directly on the ground, were completely ignored.

Nothing has emerged from their experience, because they did not want to see the problems out of false political correctness and still ignore what will remain as long as Merkel still has something to say somewhere, because it cannot be what must not be.


Denying reality is always one of the worst mistakes, because that takes the most revenge, at the latest in the future.

And the future can no longer be good with an ever-decreasing IQ.

The IQ is the real raw material of cultural and economic performance, which will become more and more apparent, as has always been shown by high cultures and their declines.


The relatively high economic performance in D. also has nothing to do with Merkel, but is the consequence of schroeder reforms, which have led to corresponding low wages in D., while per capita incomes in the surrounding countries in the EU have risen steadily, which is e.g. shows the number of homeowners, which is small in D. by comparison.

On the other hand, low wages in D are particularly serious problems in the European Countries.Mediterranean and peripheral countries, see Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Greece, etc., which have been experiencing ever greater problems since then.


Monetary and fiscal policy in the Merkel era has been just as bad to desolate.

No problems were addressed or resolved that led to the last financial crisis.On the contrary, hundreds of billions were given away to already greedy empires, which was then mendaciously called salvation.

The national debt has steadily increased, and the current minimal reduction in public debt is only related to the German low-wage robbery of the other Western and European countries.states.

The absolutely sick stock of giral and pressure money, including the result of 0% interest, endangers the entire country in the long term, including:Eu.


In the area of rent policy/housing, the governments of the last 20 years have completely failed, especially the CDU and Merkel, and even worse: the old parties systematically hide the fact that the increasing high rent increases are a DIRECT FOLLOWING of the immigration, especially from the Arab world.

This is absolutely not addressed, and Merkel had not wasted a single hot thought on the fact that for so-called .Asylum seekers, who are supposed to remain permanent guests at Merkel’s will, must also build enough apartments.

The consequence, of course, is that Merkel’s best friends, i.e. the neoliberal stratum, are now allowed to speculate joyfully with housing, especially since in D. large parts of the public housing stock have been used before, that is, since at least.2000, to corresponding circles, incl. of some locusts (see D. Wahnen, etc.).


The list of missed and ignored topics is much longer, but what would cost more text, worse is the list of lying and lying topics, which would become even longer, examples:

Low wages

Effects of the deuts.low wages in Italy, Spain, Ireland, Greece, etc.;

the completely desolate black Africa policy (see in comparison the Chinese Africa policy);

the preference for the economic, and especially the capital-egomanic elites in Merkel’s politics;

the misguided Russia policy, although Russia is one of the most important Europ.neighbours, including sanctions;

the false diesel policy of continued silence and cover-up.Merkel was a physicist, and certainly learned very early on about the problems of covering up the falsified exhaust gas values, so she probably belongs to the perpetrators herself, at least by concealing them;

misguided energy policy: with chatter and ignorance, you cannot build high-voltage roads;

preference for Arabs, Turks, the housing market by authorities, etc., which will take revenge, even in elections;

network policy (mobile phone, DSL, etc.) has been and is disastrous, even in comparison with the other EU countries, with significant economic consequences, such as urban emigration;

etc., etc.


It is not that other parties, if they had ruled, would have made fewer mistakes.

The problem is that the emerging population exchange (see, among other things, population shares in schools, visible in schoolyards and censorship) does not seem to be irreversible at the moment, and precisely because of Merkel’s policy, for the large part of the population population not visible, very bad population policy choices have been made.


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