How do you stay organized?

In the book “How to be organized in spite of yourself”, Sunny Schlenger and Roberta Roesch explain that everyone has their own working style .And knowing what your personal style is, is an ideal start if you want to change how you organize your work. In The book you can find the following time management styles:

Hopper: Someone who has a lot of projects running at the same time and wants to work at all.They continuously jump from task to task without finishing them.

Perfectionist plus: The perfectionist Plus is hugely involved in his projects and believes he can do everything right, so that he rarely works out a project in time.Even when he works out, he still feels dissatisfied with the result.

Allergic to Detail: these people prefer to formulate the plans than they do.This type is not good at tracking.

Bankzitter: The Bankzitters leave most things to chance because they cannot make decisions and are worried about whether their decisions will be the right.

Cliffhanger: These people live on excitement: they set everything out to the last minute and usually need a deadline to finish something.

What style -or styles -do you recognize with yourself? If you acknowledge this, do not be too harsh for yourself: a large proportion of the population shares the style with you.And self-awareness places you in an ideal position to work on it.

What do you do best?

Here you can also find a few tips for your style.

Hopper: Slow down.Eliminate distractions and interruptions. Perform your high-priority tasks when you have the most energy. Divide projects into mini-objectives.

Perfectionist Plus: Wonder: What are my top priorities?Focus on them. Other things do not have to be perfected in detail. Learn to say “no” and to delegate.

Allergic to Detail: Create simple basic routines, set reminders, split tasks into smaller targets, and schedule tasks.

Bankzitter: see that there are not really bad decisions.Divide decisions into smaller steps, see your fears and develop your ‘ gut feeling ‘.

Cliffhanger: Schedule time for tasks.Become aware of how much time they really occupy. Check your to-do list regularly to make sure you’re not delaying important tasks.

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No idea.

I don’t even know exactly what you mean by it, can a person be organized?

An organized life sounds effective, but also bereboring.I don’t know if that’s something you should want to pursue.

Life is rather chaos than organized.When organized I think of a metal rack where all the leaflets are neatly next to each other. In life I think of a happy dog that comes out of the water and is going to shake out amidst the people. Kind of.

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