How do you stay cheerful on a gloomy rainy day?

I don’t usually suffer from short-term bleak weather.

I do suffer from winter.Cold, lots of grey days. I keep myself standing by looking forward to spring.

“Another three weeks, the weather will become lighter.”

That sort of thing helps me well.

I’m lucky.I like every kind of weather. If it is very hot, then there is nothing finer than the coolness of the night and the early morning. Even a dead ordinary fan is a pleasure. If it is very cold, then there are few people on the street. I was in Venice once in early December and it was against freezing. Lovely quiet.

If it is very cold, then there is nothing more tasty than a brisk walk.Don’t even have to be long, and then a cup of warm homemade chocolate milk and a hunk bread with cheese. Or pea soup.

When it rains and you have to go by bike and then school or work, yes, that’s to.But running with a PLU and well packed, is not a disaster. And if you are being overwhelmed by a shower on your way home, then there is nothing better than to have a bath and dry clothes.

If it rains and you don’t have to go out, that’s the ideal time to do some cleanup and then with a book on the couch.Not too late to bed and just listen to the rain outside while you are wonderfully in your crib. Hmmm.

If you suffer from the dark weather, turn on a bright lamp when waking up.A winter Dipje is not strange on a rainy day, with dense clouds there is sometimes 90% less light than on a sunny day.

Interesting.My brother lives in Brisbane, Australia, where I visited him again almost 20 years ago. Wonderful weather every day, day in and day out. It was in December, a cold month in Canada, so I enjoyed it very much. Was sitting early in the morning on the poems in front of the house with a cup of tea in the then warm sun. Undoubtedly we all experienced something similar.

So, we were in a shop and I say so to the owner: “What a wonderful weather do you have, every day but again, you have it very well here in Australia”.He looked at me once and said something like this: yes it may seem, but after a while it is very tiring.

Of course we all brighten up in the sunshine after the rain, but in the long run it is good if your state of mind is not so weather-dependent. I guess.

‘, ‘ I had a similar answer to ‘ rainy days in the autumn ‘.The question was what I liked about it and I replied: that it is the most beautiful days of the year to be behind tall window glasses in a stylish cafe in the province, with fire inside and through the splashed windows looking at the rustling and dripping foliage of the tall trees Outside, sippy to hot spicy drinks, slowly read high-toned old poetry.

“,” Very simple.Grin, laugh, make the movements of someone who wins, spread your arms and cheer. Look yourself in the mirror and say with full conviction that you are going to be fantastic today.

It is at our rainy time.If I have to go somewhere (with the engine), I don Rainwear. Many people go on the side of the road. It gets nice and quiet. I can get along well. I do not like rain.

Read a book by the fire of a heater, candle, whatever. Put a nice movie on it, take an umbrella and step outside. So simple, but o so hard.

Is it meant as a metaphor?

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