How do you start writing a book? I have an idea but can not make a good start.

A book doesn’t start with the first line you read as a reader.If you still can’t start, work your idea out first. Describe the situation and create the environment/background broadly. Think of the back of a book. What would be there if you had written down your story. What would you want the reader to see there without giving too much away? You can do that without having invented names for example.

X has been living in the big city for years.After an untrue collision with the police, she is completely seated. All around him, X sees injustice and she can no longer watch the suffering of society. She decides to take action, but first she will have to face her own problems. Will this succeed?

Sometimes it also helps to get started with something completely different.Something that falls outside of your own ‘ style ‘. Exercises can also help.

Write or edit On your own book? (write online) You can find a lot back.

Good luck!

Once upon a time..

Is A good start I’ve seen it more often in a book.

A good starting phrase is sometimes so important that it sets the tone for the whole book.

E.g.: “Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins.My sin, my soul.

Or: It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of belief, it was the epoch of times, it was the epoch of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the “the most of times” , it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…

But you can also simply start with: Amsterdam, mid-year 90. ” …..”

Or: “I saw her for the first time when she came to buy a box Of paperclips at my father’s shop.

In other words, just start with the story, right in the action.

See your story, novel like a movie and use cinematic techniques.

Also important is:

Whether or not omniscient narrator (commentary voice)

I-form, he-form

Past tense.

I am doing something today.I’m going out for the first time without mobile in pocket. It feels like I’m not complete….. etc.

He walked in the rain to the station.It was late in the fall, and all people looked tired and downhearted.

His train luckily had no lag, but it was no longer important, now. What he had done was not turning back.Etc.

Now the most important thing: see your story in scenes.

Share your story in catchy scenes that are lifelike, including dialogue.

First, write down the scenes you already see well before you.

After that, you write the piece that actually needs to come in advance.

In other words, you could theoretically write the last chapter of your book, even before you start.

You will have to keep a good administration of all the individual scenes.

For example, A.F. of the Heyden uses a very long hangers table for sorting the chapters and scenes.

Other writers make a comprehensive schedule of all actions, including them plots, etc.

There are several utilities, in which you have to create drafts, annotations, scenes, characters, chapters etc.Can arrange, save, and eventually compile:

yWriter6 Free Writing tool book composer, where you work on scenes, and in the end compile everything together.

Scrivener 40 Dollars

I recognize this problem very much.I think one of the best tips I’ve ever gotten is that you just have to write what you’ve got and then write the beginning. You can always go back to what you have already written and update that piece.

In addition, you can let other people read your piece and ask them for advice.

Great luck with writing!

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