How do you save time on social media marketing?

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You save time by focusing on the most important things and optimizing your efforts.For this reason, it is essential to set up a well-functioning social media marketing strategy!

Step 1 of any social media marketing strategy should therefore be the evaluation of the status quo of your previousmarketing.To plan for the future, you need to look to the past. You can’t improve your marketing plan without first evaluating your current efforts. What is the best content? Which social networks are most effective? What is your social media presence compared to your competitors? These are the things you need to know if you want to improve.

Here you will find a template for an evaluation of your previous social media marketing!

When you set your status quo, you should have noticed a number of problems that you have encountered in the past.Step 2: Find solutions to previous problems to overcome the challenges quickly and easily should you reappear!

Talkwalker has summarized the 9 biggest social media challenges for marketers and provides suitable solutions.You will find these nicely summarized in this infographic:

If necessary, you can share this infographic with this HTML code on your website:

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For a more advanced answer to the 9 issues, see this free downloadable PDF

Step Number 3 – Define and measure relevant metrics

Success is defined by how you look at it.

So when you plan your marketing strategy, you need to define the metrics that prove success. And not only for you, but also for management.

Social media goals are hard to quantify.But it’s not impossible. It all depends on your data maturity – how efficiently you manage the data in your company.

If you want to view results from your social media channels, you need to understand your company’s main KPI.What should everyone in the company be working towards?

Most of the time, this is about sales figures.To demonstrate the results, you must monitor the metrics that lead to this result. To show what you’re doing on social networks, which boosts your company’s revenue.

Tricky, but not impossible.To help you, I have collected input from global experts to provide you with the metrics you need to measure to definesuccess.

It all comes together.You know how you’ve done it, how you’re improving, and how to measure the results. Among other things, you save time by not wasting time creating pointless content that no one cares about. To avoid this, all you need to do is follow step number 4: create a contentstrategy.Note in particular:

  1. Video content
    Video is the new social media star.

For some of the brands I analyzed with our video analysis, video received 288% more engagement than the mentions of texts orimages.If you want to increase brand loyalty and the percentage of votes, this must be one of the types of content that you include in your strategy

  • User-generated content
    You need to continue feeding your content stream.
  • How better than with content created by other people. This not only saves time, but also tends to allow consumers to interact with unbiased content from influencers and other consumers. Make the most of it.

  • Plan your schedule effectively
    When you plan your content, think globally.
  • Depending on which social media platforms you are writing for, there are more optimal posting times. You can make sure you post at the best time for your message by analyzing the results of previous posts and using my cheatsheet “Besttime to post on your socialchannel”

    Last but not least – Step 5 – Analyze, analyze, analyze

    If everything is there and works well, you have to monitor everything.And I mean everything! Sounds time consuming – but it doesn’t have to be.

    A Command Center is perfect for this.It allows your PR and marketing team to constantly monitor all your efforts so they are always up and running.

    Then focus on monitoring the key elements that could affect your brand:

    Key Metrics – Constantly monitor the key figures that are most important to your brand.

    Your social channels – What works?What can work better?

    Your industry – Is there a trend you can jump on?Is a crisislooming?

    Competitors – Is there anything they do that you don’t do?

    Following these 5 steps you have a clean and well-optimized social media marketing strategy that saves time as well as improves your results!If you still have questions or would like to read more material on the subject, I recommend the social media strategy eBook of Talkwalker. Here you will find everything you need to optimize your strategy!



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