How do you recognize the good in man again when you see everyone as bad? How do you get away from it?

The word “again” implies that it is probably about people who have lost faith in the good due to negative experiences with others.The former primal trust was destroyed. When this happens, serious injuries and destructive acts (physically and/or psychologically and emotionally) must have been caused by several people or by only one person, while no help was provided by fellow human beings, which was caused by the impotence leads to traumatization.

The first step probably goes beyond the mind.And would aim to keep thinking logically and rationally to the point that not all people are bad. That there are good menscgens or those who show sympathy, those who are honest and authentic, not willfully damaging, malicious, insidious, calculating, damaging, etc. Are. There are these (good) people or people. those where the good properties outweigh the characteristics. In my m., these are people with healthy emotional empathy. This characteristic is the basis for a coexistence based on humanity, mutual respect, mindfulness of oneself and other counterparts, the basis for authentic appreciation up to love.

How to know if someone has emotional empathy or not… I think it is necessary to have a person or a closely observe and get to know his reactions in certain (interpersonal) situations. This is possible both at work and in private life.

It should also be made clear that not everyone is either good or evil.The most empathetic person can sometimes be mean or incomprehensible. It’s human. However, every person here is certainly on a spectrum, from very empathetic to severe narcissistic personality disorder or sociopathy.

When you have been hurt by other people, it is a comprehensible defense mechanism of the psyche that one shows increased distrust and suspects behind each of them a new potential aggressor.This mistrust is an attempt to protect oneself from new damage. It therefore serves a legitimate purpose. And it is important to to give his psyche time and not to put himself under pressure.

Over time, and with the help of new, good experiences with and through human beings, the realization that there are good people who not only do not want to harm you and will not be harmed, but are truly benevolent and appreciative towards you. to stand.It is very likely that you will never regain your primal confidence after really serious damage, especially if the attacks have been carried out by one or more confidants.But it is possible to restore trust to individual people.

What can contribute to internal security is to be aware of the typical behaviors so-calledtoxic people (narcissism. personality disorder, sociopaths, egocentrics, etc.) in order to better recognize these characteristics (“red flags”) in the future in the human interaction and to stay away from this species and to show boundaries. And in return, turn to people who have an understanding, respect, benevolence and empathy.

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