How do you recognize a narcissistic adult?

First of all very interesting, charismatic.Like your biggest fan. Only he recognizes your potential. Later, however, he will behave like a defiant child if you refuse him what he wants.

You are honest in your criticism, he will justify himself or just that behaviour will be subordinated to yourself.

He will wait for the right moment, if you do it then in an irrational situation he will point you directly.”You see, you do, ALWAYS. But accuse me!”

The intention: to devalue you and to trigger feelings of guilt in you.

He will plan such moments meticulously and intentionally bring about them.To point out this for “the best of intentions.” Actually, however, he only wants to get himself upgraded and a free ticket for the criticism. You shall doubt yourself. But never on him. Just as he never doubts himself. You are weak he is strong.

He is constantly trying to make his priorities yours.

“WE have to wash the (his) car.” or “I booked us a weekend in Berlin.”

Sounds romantic at first, but it’s more and more often that he makes decisions for you without consultation.

He assumes that you have nothing going on anyway.

Unwelcome tasks are delegated to you.”I have to work, you have to pick up a prescription from the doctor. And leave right in the pharmacy.”

That you also work and your doctor’s appointments themselves do not regulate in his world.Everything he does is of the utmost importance. How the millions of other people manage to reconcile doctor’s appointments and work. Especially single students who are foreign in this city: “Pah! What do I care about. When I’m not there, the guy just builds shit on the work. He needs me. Last time even the boss said when he forgives it again! Do you think I feel like it, this is also my time. I have more important things to do.”

And as you see yourself, you are in the sacrificial spiral.He declares himself a victim of the help of others out of pure kindness of heart.

The basic principle is always the same.You should give up your individuality and identity. He objects to you and sees you as his property. His feelings are yours. If you try to explain your feelings to him, they are wrong and annoying. He can’t do anything with it. He feels threatened by it, because in his world it comes with you telling him he’s wrong. Although you just want him to accept your feelings.

His goal is that you intuitively understand all his needs and perform them according to his gusto.This starts with working in the household. How to rinse the dishes and goes all the way to how you have to dress and freeze.

It explicitly denunes those qualities to you that he has admired too much.

You’re self-confident -> Now until you’re arrogant.

You shall be made a slave who puts all his energy into satisfying HIS needs.He himself will claim that he only wants to help you learn how to do it right. As if you hadn’t been survivable before. A life before him has in fact not been exested. He picked you out for this very reason.

Because you are a very powerful person who has the ability to inspire for many things.

Something he hardly knows.

He will still try to make you believe you would be weak.

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