How do you recognize a narcissist?

A combination of certain traits may mean that you are dealing with a narcissist.

  • Takes no account of other people’s boundaries
  • Repeatedly creaks off others, is critical and judging
  • Can (almost) never do anything wrong and find it difficult or impossible to apologize
  • Is very out of the height or arrogant.

Feels superior to others. What they have is always better, they are quickly jealous and they may be more than others, because they are particularly

  • Sees hierarchies everywhere and wants to be on top.
  • Is competitive and cannot resist his or her loss

  • Runs constantly or in an exaggerated way to show off work, achievements, important/popular connections, family, children, money, house, car, travel etc.
  • Has a lot of trouble listening to others and prefers to talk only about themselves.
  • Some say a thousand times ‘ I ‘ one day or start right away about their high IQ

  • Quickly stepped on his or her toes, nothing can have and interprets much hostile.
  • Often you have the feeling that you are walking on eggs and that you can not be yourself. They can be paranoid and think others are collusing against them

  • Talk almost not or never about his or her emotional sentimental life (they are afraid of fragility) and has no real understanding of that of the other (this is not always to be noticed, because usually they do like they do, but sometimes you notice a certain Disinterest or superficiality)
  • Pattern of repeatedly lying to get away with it, getting something for each other what they want or to improve their image.
  • They are often unreliable and do not meet their appointments

  • Always know everything better and are very much on your fingers to look at mistakes, imperfections or ‘ improvements ‘ (during work, for example)
  • Sometimes you can feel very insecure, ‘ pleaserig ‘ or submissive to these people.Sometimes they emit a lot of intimidating authority. I myself have hidden narcissistic problems, but at the open-ended narcissist I was once a kind of submissive pleaser, which I quickly noticed and will not let it happen again so quickly. In retrospect I actually realised what was happening and that it was not me. I already had a picture of this person: you are loving and trustworthy anyway? But that was not the same. Sometimes that is difficult to recognize and break, but practice makes perfect.

    If you want to learn how to recognize people with narcissism, it is wise to work on your own value and self-confidence, because that is in connection with your intuition.You need your intuition or gut feeling to be able to recognize unreliable people quite quickly: “Hey, something is not right to that person… I stay out of the area. ” Developing healthy boundaries for yourself and respecting yourself is very important. Of course, experience also plays a role.

    Recognizing a person with a narcissistic personality disorder as such is not so easy.A diagnosis can therefore be best left to a professional. However, there are many situations where you may want to recognise the narcissistic problems. Maybe you have problems with your boss, relationship problems… Have you tried everything, looked at your own piece, searched for help, and nothing helps. One of the best ways to see it is to recognise a pattern. As if there is a broken gramophone plate in front of you that repeats the same time. A second way is that you can feel it. A narcissist can explain things very well, but there is always an underlying feeling gnawing that something is not right. A third thing is recognizing that the ball is always bounced back to you. It never lies to them but always to circumstances or to you. Especially if you want to raise something you will encounter this. A fourth case is the underlying (passive) aggression, which is often not so well recognizable at first.

    There are so many things.The point is that you will only learn to recognise these when you are already in a relationship with a narcissist. Or who have ever had it.

    Many call Trump as an example.But there are also ‘ hidden narcissists ‘, and that can be very charming nice people but absolutely emotional narcissistic abusers in their families or their partners.

    Look at Donald Trump; Everything is in the service of him/herself.And would like to be praised.

    Oh well, in Aslans name!

    Narcisten seem to be the paedophiles of this time: everyone wants to recognise them but they always work differently than you think.Mr. Dutroux was the exception that confirms the rule. The bulk of people are unobtrusive people you don’t expect.

    A little sobriety would be welcome instead of the Telegraph mentality.I smell this whole patho-hype around narcissism also on the English Quora. Leave this kind of diagnosis to psychiatry, forensic scientists and comedianten. It makes no sense at all.

    Incidentally, We all have our neurotic edges.In this life a saint, in the previous a camp commander. If you want to feel safer, a Krav Maga course and an assertiveness course might be a better idea. Or just raise some weed and take life less seriously.

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    My favourite narcissist, sexist and pervert

    There are many different types of narcisten.And they all still have their own character/personality.

    The most difficult recognizable is the covert narcissist.People and family can know him jaaaren, and still have no idea. They will know that something is not right, but how bad something is wrong, they have no idea.

    What you then notice as a family member who is not a narcissist is that that person does not come home too often, after they leave the house.Looks of hatred when they do come along. Without ever having done anything that would make them feel hate. Hidden drug use, which is also very difficult to recognise. When they have children come here partake with the Chileans then disappear again from your life. A new partner about every 2 years. If they have children, or are married, or they don’t see that person too often, their relationship may take longer. Also family often knows that that person is unstable.

    As a potential sex partner, you can recognize them as they walk into your life, by the way of decorating.It’s like they’re trying to tie you in a net of poison, only you don’t have that at all when they do, and you don’t know a narcissist. You will be trapped in a net of poison where you will not see more clearly how you are being stunt. Mainly because they are expert to reflect a false image of innocence and love in their eyes. So even though you see that there are little things that don’t knock, you slide them under the table. After all, that cannot be true, because they/he still love me so much.

    All attention goes to you.Eyes do not deviate to anything other than you. The eyes reflect intense infatuation, honesty, innocence. They will be charming, give compliments, and show interest in you. At that moment, they will give you the feeling that you are two the only ones in the world. And nothing and no one else counts.

    Not all narcissists talk and think only of themselves, and about themselves.They are very good at acting, and pretend to give you, and to the well-being of others.

    The covert narcissist is very good at pretending that everything is meant for him/her.As if you are the love they have been waiting for throughout their lives.

    When they know that their decorate techniques have worked, they start with love Bomben.Something of 150 text messages and phone calls per day. And all your dreams are their dreams. All your sexual boundaries are their limits. They love all the music you love.

    Until you find out that was NOTHING at all as they said.And everything was cheating. And also that you find that they are mentally unstable. Experience moments of self-hatred. And then you also have a chance that you will be watched with hate when they feel so.

    Well, they only had a clearly visible characteristic.Something like a star on the clothing orzo.

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