How do you react when you get a flirting message on Quora, which you don’t really have any interest in?

Although my profile picture is of course very appealing I get very few flirty messages on Quora.

I think my privacy institution has to deal with that, which stands for me as follows:

This setting can be found (with the computer) by clicking on your profile picture, settings and then privacy.

My institution says that I only want to receive private messages from people I follow.

Because of this I have control over who sends me a message.
The only exceptions are specific staff and service accounts of Quora, who can send a message to anyone.If I get a flirtous message from such an account, we have a very different issue.

My tip for people I don’t follow and who want to send a private message: Tag me in a comment (also, my posts are quite restrictive, I don’t always get a comment) and ask if it’s possible to chat privately.
If I see that too, I follow you and we can send private messages.The number of times I see usefulness and necessity for it is to count on one hand within a year, almost everything can be public.

Should someone still have a private session and “Suddenly” become flirtated, the solution is also easy: blocking and depending on the messages you also risk that I send it to Quora.

It is something that happens to me regularly.

Maybe because I’m a Quoria’s community manager?

Quora is meant to share and deepen our knowledge, not to be a dating site.

If you like flirting, there are other apps.

It is against the policy of Quora to send unwanted flirting private messages. [1

This might be why some Quora users have traced me to Social Media, and have left comments about my appearance on my Facebook page, or have sent me flirting private messages on Messenger, or on LinkedIn.

My response: Professional and setting limits.

My personal Social Media is my personal life, and this needs to be respected.

I do not feel flattered, I do not enjoy this attention, and above all I do not want it.

Of course I was told by my reaction to such approaches that I was really cold or even unfriendly.Can a woman ever win in such cases? Is it obligatory for us to embrace every flirting message and respond positively?

If someone places a very tuttling comment about me on Quora, calls me a cutie and tells me I’m cute …. What is the intention?

And when I exclamation, I get to hear that men are hunters and that they just follow their natural instincts.


Luckily, I am the community manager, so I can easily take measures.

But what about the other women on Quora?Do they feel safe or harassed?

I think I speak here for many women when I say:

Regardless of the platform, do not send flirting messages unless there is a consensus on it.

And I repeat, unwanted flirting private messages are a policy violation on Quora.

I want Quora to be a safe place for everyone, both women and men.

That goes in both directions.

So if you need it, please feel free to send me a message about any problems in that regard.

I have no hard feelings against those of you who have sent me these messages or have done what I have described above, I am sure you will not even realise that it was inappropriate in most cases.But now you know it, and I expect you will behave accordingly.


[1 Quoras’s answer to What is Quinn’s “be Nice, be Respectful” policy?

Report and block.

What an unin.

Firstly, what C茅line also says: Quora is not a dating site.There are dozens if not hundreds of dating sites.

Secondly: if someone sends me a message “Hey,” then the only thing I wonder: WHY?

Of ALL The things you can say in a first conversation, WHY do you start in Godesnaam with HEY?

How incredibly boring and uninteresting and unexciting and uninterested and uncourageous and LAMB and unpleasant just even though.


And that should tempt me to?Really?

What does such a person think well, on that other side?Let me write those lady es of the socks! Hey!

Unbelievable lamb and drowsy and unimaginative.

IF you want to abuse Quora, then make some of it.


I really think it’s just offensive.Like I’m a doggy. Bah.

But when I am then laughed about another sufkont, then I report and block that person.Ready. Done again.

Let me, as a man (… Check) also to do a little in the bag, and even give our community manager a support in the back.

Civilization is, among other things, refusing to chase your natural instincts.

I did not… God has given us men a bunch of brains, and a genital organ -and unfortunately not enough blood to make them work at the same time.I am not cold-bloosed, and it takes little effort, under the right conditions, to get me “in full battle mode”, to say it on his French.
So if I can omit it, other men can do it too.

If you then decide to chase your instinct anyway, that’s not something inevitable, but just a choice.

I don’t often think I get flirting messages.Maybe that has something to do with my profile picture, on which people with flirtation can see how I look; That usually helps well. But once in a while, one slips in between. How do I react? Just… Not.

How do you react when someone tells you a joke?If it’s a good joke, it’s laughing. Is Quora a dating site? No. So how serious is it then? Just not.

I think I’ve gotten some 3 times a flirtous reaction to Quora, maybe more, but then I missed it.I confess, I really don’t see anything.

I am male, straight, and some profile pictures of ladies looks good, but then still, no really no interest.

If you’re already basing on what someone writes online, then you’re not smart.Or let’s turn it around imagine it’s true, then in Heaven’s name What do you mango to do that here?

But try to see the humour in it, at least you can laugh at it, or else accept it as a compliment, otherwise life is so acidic.

Never gotten anything like it, so no experience with it.

Of the ladies I do not think that bad at all, I understand that.Finally, I also still find a relationship. I regret to disappoint flirting men.

I rarely get messages in which I am interested.I do get-literally-hundreds of questions (especially on the Dutch and German Q) in which I am not interested to answer them. I simply reject this, if possible with reason.

I have to say that I have not experienced this yet, but my reaction would be if

With everything I have no interest in.Ignore.

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