How do you react when someone tells you something you already knew?

Coincidentally yesterday for cases:

I am at the top of theg work.My partner is downstairs and a friend has walked in to report how it goes with her 18-year-old son who suffers from a muscle weakness, whose cause has not yet been established.

I am working in a room above the kitchen where they are talking and I hear exactly what they are telling, because windows and doors are still open in the morning coolness because of the hot days we experience.Half an hour later I go down to drink coffee with both of them and of course she also tells me the story of how she is sailed with her journey past hospitals and specialists with her son. I listen interested and try to make some worried but still hopeful comments. That I have heard the whole story half an hour ago, I love me.

Last night I heard from the neighbor of a joint acquaintance and former colleague that this knowledge was appointed to acting mayor in a neighbouring municipality.That was then hot from the needle and transferred via a SMS. Tiel is just a small town. This morning, my partner enthusiastically told me that he had heard from the daughter of the fresh mayor that her mother had received the liberating phone call just the night before. Then I remembered that I had already heard that the night before of her friend neighbor, and I said I had forgotten to tell that as interesting but also not so dramatic.

Yesterday afternoon I was in a discussion with the accountant about the annual accounts of a foundation that I am president of, and of course there was also the Treasurer and our administrator who does the job and supplies the data.The foundation is a recognised general benefit institution (ANBI) and engages in social projects and is dependent on third party financing and the proceeds from capital. There are two angles. I and our administrator go for maximum accessibility of information for interested but not necessarily financially savvy third parties. The accountant and the Treasurer are mainly going to meet the legal requirements. The art is of course to present the annual figures as transparently as possible with a clear explanation. But the auditor always explains the legal requirements. I have understood that for a long time, and if something changes in that area, I only have to hear it once. That something to the professional standard of an accountant and according to the law is justified does not mean that it is understandable for ordinary people. And you would be amazed how many drivers and even treasurers can not read a balance well.

So after a few times once again that the Siefer has heard about legal regulations, I cannot fail to say: “Yes, we all know that for a long time, but our mission is to make a Accountability. “


  • In Some circumstances it is healing for people to tell a story.

The more often interested in being listened to, the better. So then you’re not going to tell you that you already know it.

  • Some things are trivial.
  • I treat them so well. In this case not so much the fact of the mayors appointment In itself, but rather the fact whether I hear that today or tomorrow or about a week.

  • Some things cost too much time to hear more than once.
  • Our foundation also has to pay for the hours of that accountant. So I prefer not to. I still look for a way to say that friendlier, but say I do it. This happens regularly with my children, with information that my ex has told me before by SMS.Because I don’t have so much contact I always listen to the repetition. Or I’ll send myself to it, if they don’t think about telling them about it, or I’ve heard only part of the story.

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