How do you organize your social media planning?

Our social media planning is not an island strategy, but is integrated into the entire communication planning.For us, social media is a primary content seeding, dialogue and feedback channel.

The most important building block for social media planning is content marketing.Our content marketing is based on tips, guides and current industry topics that we prepare for our customers.

Content marketing as a basic strategy

In order to develop content that really interests our customers, we collect feedback from our customer dialogue and support.This allows us to take up current challenges and problems and develop technical articles (blog posts/white papers/checklists/tutorials), answers for FAQs, instructions and tips. We then use the content to create core content, as we do on our website, or publish our blogs. Our corporate blogs serve as editorial offices. Here we publish and analyze our posts and collect feedback from comments and social media discussions.

Multiple exploitation of content

To maximize the utilization of a developed core content, we develop various media formats (satellite content):

  • Blog posts / Technical articles / Online press releases / Guest articles
  • Images, graphics, and infographics
  • Presentations and videos
  • checklists, white papers or e-books.

SEO optimization of content

An important measure in content marketing is the optimization of content for readers and search engines, because “only what is searched can also be found“.This involves read-friendly text structures, comprehensible and clearly structured texts and important keywords.


  • The text analysis tool checks online texts for readability and read duration, sentence length and sentence structure, fill words, modal verbs, phrases and foreign words as well as keywords and links.

Content seeding via social media and media portals

For the distribution and seeding of our content, we share our blog posts and images as well as the other content formats on our social mediachannels.Cross-social media marketing across many different networks ensures greater visibility of the content.

For this purpose, we develop a cross-promotion plan to publish the content, time-delayed and individually adapted, in parallel on many different channels.

The different social networks provide different possibilities for the optimal presentation of the posts and content.And the communities also react very differently to the different formats: the use of #Hashtags on Twitter, and Instagram is an essential element for the reach and visibility, while #Hashtags on Facebook has little effect on the performance of the Postings. For this purpose, short posts with pictures and short comments work best on Facebook, while medium users like to read longer texts.

For the planning of the content on our social media channels, we have established a comprehensive cross-posting and scheduling plan, which we also provide to our customers as a guide and work aid (see reading tips below).

Social media automation greatly simplifies this process and gives us more time to interact with our communities.

Useful tools:

In addition, we use targeted content seeding via online PR with press releases, technical articles and guest articles to distribute our content on specialist portals, news and press portals, topic blogs and other online media.

Useful tools:

  • PR-Gateway offers a wide spread of online news on more than 250 themed and press portals, blogs and new services.

Cross-posting and seeding as well as the extensive distribution of contributions, campaigns and images as well as other content formats in parallel on several channels, helps us to generate many touchpoints for customers and interested parties and thus also the lead generation and customer acquisition.

Content Curation and Influencer Relations

Contacting industry leaders and influencers helps us build our online reputation and gain more reach.By contentcuring the content of the influencers, we ensure more content diversity and relevance on our channels and at the same time get more attention to our own content.


More tips for social media planning:

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