How do you meet other dog owners with your dog?

I look at who is coming to meet us.The breed makes a difference, the owner also makes one.

I hide my dogs and I have a second residence at the vet.I can boast colour photos of her inner life. And I educate them thoroughly. I’m a teacher, I can’t get away with free development. Schnuckihundis come when I call. They are very controlled, the opposite of the wild wolf.

1, medieval man, fit and neatly dressed, springer spaniel is recognizably under good control: Fine.Would suit my dogs (10 and 16, Labrador/Settermixe, the male a Schüchti and the a frail greisin) well. Eye contact with the Lord. He remains relaxed. Dogs sniff themselves without aggression. We chat briefly.

2, in her late thirties, sexy sportscostume, heavily made-up, hydrogen-blond, first of all a Czechoslovak wolfhound, which constantly disappears into the bushes and is not retrieved.Shit on the wild population, even if the deer often stand close to the busy road. Your own ego counts. Overall impression: The slides want to stand out at all costs. I flee if I can. If it doesn’t work out anymore, I have to avoid contact. The announcer wolf does not fit into Vienna or my dogs. We are better silent about the lady.

3, My dog (24kg) once again scurries to the beautiful Daisy (5kg, Pekinesenmix), wags violently, makes jumps as if he were still young, pees macholy at a bush.Daisy, so to speak, pops her handbag into his face and he picks her a bouquet of flowers, so to speak. Same procedure … The Daisyfrauerl laughs and greets me, too. Unspoken we both know that Daisy and my must not sniff each other, otherwise is tick war. And my Bitch would win it because it’s much bigger. So my Bitch goes on the short leash and the small, free-running Bitch is picked up by the Frauerl. Fits.

4, The young guy with the grassy aroma wants to convince me once again that his amstaff stands on his hind legs only because he (the dog???) had a difficult childhood.Just gone.

5, A lady whose indefinable mix was bitten 8 years ago in Romania, but is now very fond of Mami,…I spare myself the rest of her messages.It is pointless to tell her that Mami does not arrive at Hundikindi as a leader competent person, which is why the unsafe dog tries to defend himself. Just gone. After all, this dog will not go unprovoked “to the front”. The woman’s apparent loneliness is sad and this dog is unfit to make contact with her.

6, Then there is the lady with the Dwarf-Spitz-Mischling, who immediately attacks with errant barking, overturns at the Flexi, attacks even more erroneously.People look out of the windows, the gekeife reaches the highest volume. Every day this circus. “Listen, take it in your foot!” I can’t dodge main road, traffic and ne lot of people.

The woman comes closer.The Spitz will have a heartbreak. hopefully.

My old one draws a corner of my mouth.This corresponds to a mild rumbling in Mount Vesuvius. What do I say to the vet after the plinian eruption? The fat spitz lies in her stomach, she needs a support of her pancreas? This bloody bone is not of her, but I think you hurt the cross a lot, can we inject her metacam?

“No!!!NO CONTACT!!! WEG!!!!”

“But dog wants to go there….?”

“NOT!to! ME!”

I take off the male, very risky next to the road and in this situation.He’s supposed to distract the spitz. forward! Run! It works and I can quickly guide the over.

I suggest to the aunt a dressing-up course, not in the kindest tones.She doesn’t understand me. Dog wants to go there. Dog will continue to be led to the Beserlpark 3 times a day, 250m outlet is enough and mental utilization of the dog would overwhelm the woman intellectually.

It always depends very much on the other, but “leave away” is a good strategy.No dog contacts are often the best dog contacts.

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