How do you master the anger?

A pressure cooker has a safety valve, a thin iron plate, which jumps out when the regular valve no longer works.If there was no safety valve, the pan would be broken. Hopefully you don’t stand in the kitchen if that happens. So just your annoyances are constantly throwing out. Sometimes it’s a bit harder, if you’re working with a patience, but don’t continue until you’re so angry because it’s not always possible, that you’re smite your phone piece.

Best thing you can do is run away and react.Except if you need to get someone to help, your anger is very useful, because you can lift a car to pull someone down underneath.

Years ago I did a kind of love meditation.Then I went ‘ sochtends early to feel a lot of love in my heart. The result was counterproductive, I lost my patience much easier, when people were bothering me. So.

For me it is better that I make myself very angry, take me all their negative reactions and unwillingness for the spirit and walk and rant.After that I can make a conversation very quietly and respectfully. It’s kind of like stage fright. Some stage players make themselves the biggest worries in advance, but once on stage they are calm and play the stars of Heaven. If you can properly imagine what can go wrong then the reality often comes along.

Yet it is sometimes almost impossible to control yourself.Years ago I came across someone who just came out of jail. Why had he been seated?

He told him that he was working in the construction.Stone lugging and stuff. He was married and one day he came home earlier. His wife was lying upstairs in the bedroom with someone to drive. He said: 芒 鈧?艗why did that man get down the stairs? 芒 鈧?He could have also been able to flee through the window.

Running away is very difficult in such a case.I think it was a manslaughter, but he didn’t say so.

I walk away and make sure I find asap a place without others to shout.Hope I’m close to home and give me punching bag a couple of Meppe go to train with weights ect voicing without enjuring someone else or making a damn piece which is expensive to replace. I used to rammed on lampposts or the bodies of people who came to me, but my hands were quite ugly and the use of me fingers became less.

By asking yourself what the effects of expressing that anger are in the short and long term.

And by realizing that only * you * feel that anger, so that also only * you * will have negative consequences.

O giant!Break open anyway!
Do not hesitate to join us!
From 芒 鈧劉 t Burn and 芒 鈧劉 t Hope:
芒 鈧劉 t is heavy working,
Never for the weak,
Only for the strengths.
Is 芒 鈧劉 t life than not sweet?
Fire and pain, sweat and blood…

If we do not succeed
Years on a stone?
Love for no one.

That’s why my anger breaks.
So be wary:
Love knows there…
Really no one, just 脙 漏 脙 漏 N.

Those who break but not
Want to breken芒 鈧?娄
Those who avenge but not
Wanna wreken芒 鈧?娄
O giant!Break open anyway!
The grinding flow takes me with me,
Do not let me hope,
Just drown in a
Dwarfs-Zee芒 鈧?娄

And 芒 鈧?虄click, Krak芒 鈧劉 it sounds suddenly!
There comes light through the rock.
Gruers and Growt!Thunder!
Feel it: Dwarfs-pride.

So now, Verily, a high
High芒 鈧?”higher, no something yet
A glance, verily, on people 芒 鈧劉 s

I’m going to play sports, if I notice that I’m being agreated and by have that I will soon 芒 鈧?虄exploder芒 鈧劉 then I go cycling, basketballs, to the stretch sticks or just quick somewhere to find physical challenge.

This can help with controlling anger because of energy, if you are angry and you have very very much 芒 鈧?虄uncontrolde芒 鈧劉 energy it is hard not to burst out and throw all your energy out into a gripping party or some other outplacement of anger.

By exercising, I can regulate my energy levels and call up a conversation without quickly giving an irritated answer and again Creating friction.

That is really different per man.For me an exhaust valve is a good one. In other words, I find something that can bring me to rest. For example, this May As simple as sitting in a quiet room reading, listening to music, etc. It can also be something like going out to the forest/beach a little walk. For me I found that music listening through headphones, cooking and talking helps the best.

You have to realise what is more important.

Anger is usually also a moment’s feeling.And if you react to this, you may have a severe regret afterwards. Because then you lost a bigger picture, or you have done damage.

Something no one likes.And what it is not worth.

There is a very good booklet on that: 芒 鈧?艙Anger Management for Dummies芒 鈧?(sorry for the somewhat stupid title).Depending on how strong that anger is (annoyance or frenzy?), how often it occurs (daily, a few times a month, several times a day?) and what the triggers are (under your control or not?), a wide palette of techniques is proposed. Most basic: Distraction: Count to ten before you say or do something, hopefully you’ve calmed down. Definitely worth reading!

Anger is like poison in take and hope the other dies.

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