How do you manage to be seen by your parents as an adult and not just as a child?

I have no other idea for this except – to avoid the topic of “money” at home= avoid it.

Money doesn’t make you happy.What makes me happy – is multitasking, something like walking at the same time and writing the long answers to Quora.

Even if you only walk at a speed of 0.3 kilometers per hour (300 meters per hour), in 8 hours (typical working time in the office and also typical sleep time per 24 hours) you can walk 2.4 kilometers, which is only possible if you are not disabled – and even if you have 2 (two) hands, without broken fingers.

What does “growing up” mean?

For me, this means defining the terms “reward” (the reward) and “punishment” (punishment) – and also being able to keep up the horror scares.

To be considered adult, I avoid the currency [€ (the code: EUR, the spelling in many languages with Latin alphabet: “Euro” and the pronunciation in German – with the spelling as in English: “Oyro” – in Germany.

I already know that Germany is in the Euzo zone.I don’t want to have anything to do with the economy of Germany anymore – because Germany does almost nothing for me – and I very much hope that Switzerland will help me.

In Switzerland, the currency is not € (EUR = euro), but CHF (Swiss Frank).

I would prefer to keep my money in the form of other currencies, just no € (euro).There is also an island nation: “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” in German – and “United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland”.

There is the currency: British Pound (GBP = B).

In order not to waste time (t), I would much rather lose a part of money with every cash payment – be it the bank card made of plastic (plastic), the payment with smartphone, the payment by online bank transfer – or via PayPal – or via Amazon credit – because the People who work in banks, smartphone factories, supermarkets, Amazon and PayPal also need income in Germany, something like €1,000 per month – if they have no problem with having income only one day a month.

Yes – there are the sayings: “You can’t have everything in life”, “life is not a pony farm”, “life is not a wish-conzvah”.

In Russian, I have the unofficial diagnosis: “Shizophrenia with Fluorine” in German.

Yes, I am afraid of a toxin in the kitchen: “iodine salt with fluoride”: “cooking salt” – a mixture of sodium chloride NaCl, sodium fluoride NaF and potassium iodine KIO3.

Sodium fluoride NaF – reacts reversible (reversible) with the easigacid CH3COOH: NaF+CH3COOH<=>HF+CH3COONa.

And hydrogen fluoride HF – forms with water H2O very dangerous hydrofluoric acid HF.

But: because in Munich the tap water has something like magnesium hydrogen carbonate Mg(HCO3)2 and calcium hydrogen carbonate Ca(HCO3)2, I very much hope that this toxin is done by itself (neutralized):



Then you would only have to remove the nider stroke of MgF2 and CaF2 – and you could use the table salt again.

But I would also prefer to reduce potassium iodide KIO3 to potassium iodide AI (3=three) arome soursroff O and then chemically bind iodine I, for example to Silver Ag, then silver iodide AgI would be left.

Then free sulphur washer, which is transmitted from the Black Sea to Munich, Germany – 1500 kilometers far – from the wind – in the direction – from south-east to north-west, at the average speed of 60 kilometers per hour, this would only Last 25 hours:


Ag2S (silver sulfide) I would then give away – the substance is one of the most harmless substances I know personally – you can eat the substance and get keibe silver poisoning because the substance is not digested in gastrointestinal tract, even the hydrochloric acid HCl in gastric juice can Do not dissolve the fabric – and excreted again with the bowel movement (feces, faeces, cock, shit).

You can even burn the substance at home with a Bunsen burner: Ag2S+O2==>2Ag+SO2+’Energy’, but sulphur dioxide SO2 is not toxic/toxic enough to be afraid of poisoning – as long as you don’t sit/stand/lies/walks in an airtight room, even slight minimal wind removes the fabric back into the wild nature.

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