How do you make yourself a better person?

Listen, open and not judge, to yourself AND to others.

I think that’s the three most important things you can teach yourself to become a better person.

If you listen to yourself, then you better care for yourself.If you listen to other people, then other people have a listening ear. Being heard is incredibly important.

If you are open to new things and unfamiliar things and other people, you will learn more.If you’re curious, you’ll learn more.

And the last, not judging, is a groomed important.

I stopped the negative assessment of other people two years ago.Crazy hairstyles, weird clothes, striking behavior, I look at it and force myself to have no judgement about it. I live in a rather poor environment, and the kind of people you see here is rather uhm… Colorful, we will say.

But it does not matter to me.As long as people do not disturb other people, they must be free to be as they are.

I also put aside the negative reviews of myself (which was already a bit longer ago).That is also a relief. Can I improve my mistake?

  • Yes?

Then I don’t have to blame myself for making that mistake NOW and I’m going to work on it to improve it.

  • No?
  • Then I don’t have to blame myself anyway?

    Cursing yourself all the time is very unhealthy and you don’t shoot anything on it.

    These are three things that have taught me a great deal.

    I think this is a nice question, because one answer will never be satiable.I feel a lack, or am I thinking too much of my own pleasure?

    Am I so bad?Why not be a better person, I’m not selfish anyway?

    Selfishness: A reliable guide to a better future

    Or am I an ONner (unknown Dutchman) who has nothing, no followers in FB, Instagram, or here in Quora.Who reads my answers? You, yes you read this. Am I perhaps your example? Because I am a good person, I live with the inconvenience of another… I give money, and donate, I…

    No, I really need your attention.

    My answer will be, on the question of how to become a better person.A better man has no qualification in good/bad. It’s not about being good or bad.

    It is about the real sense of life, why do I live, for which I live, and in doing so have exceptional pleasure and joy.

    In short there is one law, and of course sounds corny, but, namely.”By giving to another, (that which you do not need), and that which he has a desire for, you feel the love between both warm in the heart.”

    Kabbalah & The purpose of life

    And, in doing so, to be in the company of people, who also have your desire, to help the friend, to study together, to sit together, the same purpose for our own, and in heart < 3

    Rav Baruch Ashlag (“Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag (THE RABASH))), a great Kabbalist describes this in a letter to his students, read in the bundled work” the Social Writings “

    “Each Gift (and a gift is determined as such when he knows that his friend will enjoy it, whether in words, in thought, or in action.However, each gift must be out in the open, so that his friend will know about it, and with thoughts, one does not know that his friend was thinking of him. Hence, words are required, too, meaning he should tell him that he is thinking of him and cares about him. And that, too, should be about what his friend loves, meaning what his friend likes. One who doesn’t like sweets, but pickles, cannot treat his friend to Pickles, but specifically to sweets, since this is what his friend likes. And from that, we should understand that something could be unimportant to one, but more important than anything to another.) That he gives to his friend is like a bullet that makes a hollow in the stone. And Although the first bullet only scratches the stone, when the second bullet hits the same place, it already makes a notch, and the third one makes a dent. ” ( The Agenda of the Assembly 2 )

    But yes, who am I, and who am I telling you what a better person is

    Do not follow anyone except your own heart

    Success with your quest

    By letting go of the idea that you have to make yourself a better person.As long as you continue to strive and “do” and project your life to the future, you are hopelessly absent, trapped in a spiral of useless self-condemnation.
    Then: Focus on love.It sounds “corny”, but it’s just the only truth. And that’s not love(that ‘s just a slack disguise), but charity.
    Finally: Be critical, wisdom can be found everywhere, no religion, no philosophy, no guru, no Pope, no priest, no “Savior”, no writer has it in lease; It is literally everywhere, in all this wise people, wise books, wise thoughts.
    As soon as you are asked to worship something or someone, you know that you are astray, being framed.If you love everything, you don’t have to worship anything but life yourself-and not even that. Worship is one great father and mother projection, designed to keep you small and anxious and to be called.

    “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

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