How do you make your mind completely empty?

Do you Sometimes make such a day that you are completely exhausted in the evening? Even if you did not run a marathon or carried out heavy manual work?

Research confirms that our mental resources are constantly decreasing throughout the day.But also that we can replenish and enlarge our reserves through a few simple techniques.

It has not become easier in recent decades. Distractions are more than ever, due to the increased technology in our lives.Therefore, it is our own responsibility to be very consciously slow down occasionally to clear our heads. Of course you can go for a nice holiday. Or rest every week for a whole day. But you can also create extra space on a daily basis, making you feel better and more productive mentally.

How would it be to give your head more peace and space with a few simple strategies? You will better process information, remember better and keep your attention easier.You can learn better and produce creative ideas, and make better decisions.

Therefore, choose one or a few of these seven simple techniques to get more rest in your head, and empty your mind.

1.Use the power button

Much of our spare time we waste to gain even more incentives.How many hours of TV do you watch per week? It turns out that TV does not really relax us, and does not really create more space in our head. Set the TV a bit earlier (one program used to be for example) and discover real peace in your mind. Or just have some more sleep…

2.Use your time on the go

Do you feel the journey time to your work as lost time?Research shows that commuters suffer from higher blood pressure, increased weight gain, higher blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels and more heart disease. Long travel times are related to more stress, less sleep and more sick leave.

If you can do some less commute, for example, work at home, make use of it.And otherwise: Use this time to create extra space in your head. By reading or listening to less negative news, calling less, and enjoying more in silence. For example, use a mindfulness app like Headspace or listen to soothing music you really enjoy.

3.Stand 15 minutes earlier

Start your day with breakneck rounds to make you ready, and possibly even your child (Eren) in time to get out the door?Find some extra space to wake up at your own pace and your own conditions, by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier. You will be thankful for that extra calmness all the further day.


Pull out -even for a very short walk

Even if you are already walking in the evening or on the weekend, use a few minutes in the morning or afternoon to get some fresh air in a different environment.

5.Lunch longer

Stop having lunch behind your computer screen if you still do.Invest in a lunch time where you come to rest. Your afternoon will be all the more productive.

6.Try out the Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo and is based on the idea that our brain works best in sprints of 25 minutes.The technique works so:

  • Decide what task you are going to do
  • Set a timer to 25 minutes
  • Work on the task until the timer goes off
  • Take a short break from Max.

5 minutes ‘

  • After 4 such periods you take a longer break (15 minutes for example)
  • Give it a try.You may notice that you not only get more work done, but that you also have more space in your head.

    7.Turn off notification signals

    Our smartphones continually remind us of incoming mails, deadlines and new messages on social media, with the result that people check their smartphone on average 150 times a day.How would it be to create a quieter life where you decide when you look at your messages? Without your smartphone making you aware of it? Take a look at your device’s settings, and turn off some notifications/notifications.

    Now Choose One or two of the above techniques to create the extra space your brain desires.

    Want even more time? Then read the book more time in 12 steps.(Link to external site)

    We do not intend to empty our minds, but to fill our minds with God’s spirit and with the accompanying divine knowledge, character and skill.

    As a result, we will enter into God’s sense of righteousness, peace, and joy, in the spirit, through which we will go walking in emotional and need freedom.

    This is the best thing to do in a Wellness resort with a salt bath and/or sound scale session.Were it not that the terrible “Dutch Desease” virus, now in addition to its performance during concerts, is now also a common problem in the sauna. In particular, this is a frequent nuisance. Sorry Ladies, of course, I don’t mean you.

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