How do you know if you are an empathic person?

There are, of course, just “empathy tests” on the Internet.I did. Score: 27 of the possible 100. Under thirty you are ASO or psychopath (forgot which of the two). It goes without saying that I am on the cliff.

For the record: I believe that classifications such as IQ, EQ and “empathy quotient” are useless things.People are complete critters; It testifies to intellectual laziness to try to get there with numbers and booths. This is why these things, including Briggs-Myers scores, are so popular with human resources.

Viola, as the French say.

The term Emphaat I only started researching on my 30th and found out that I have a lot of the properties of a emphaat.

A emphaat feels particularly much.It is sometimes even so that emphaten, as it were, will have a scroll open when they have been able to feel a person for 10 minutes. Not that they are clairvoyant, because I do not believe so.

I do believe that they quickly translate the energy that people carry with them.But that translation only understands you if you also understand yourself a bit.

I think that relationships can be quite spicy for many emphaten.A EMPHAAT has a great world of experience and sometimes it almost seems like a gift they have gotten in their lap. (Though sometimes it feels more like thrown. So of; 芒 鈧?艙here you have it, now figure it out芒 鈧?).

Emphaten can feel isolated from the people around him because they just feel more intense.They are people who can feel the deepest emotions of another, for example.

This is my personal perception about emphatic ability.It could be just a little different for someone else.

By comparing yourself with others.Suppose someone from the street that everyone knew in a nasty way to life has come. Then you will see people eruping in crying because they can live up to how bad it is for the neighbors or because they find the situation very much. You will also see people talking about it and saying how bad it is but not so emotionally impressed. Then you will see people (little) who consider the news as a simple given and go on with what they were doing. Of course, everyone is different, there are no 芒 鈧?艙nivo芒 鈧劉 s芒 鈧?of empathy. But by comparison you can invent how empathic you are. HAS anyone died that you and another person knew equally well, and that person is crying while you just think, well that’s a pity but that’s life. Then you will not be very empathic. Is a third person who knew the Overldene as well as Julie to turn as if his/her own mother is and he/she talks about it for weeks, then that person is probably overempatisch.

Do you make a lot of effort to understand another?Do you create detailed experiences in your mind, as you suspect the other has been experiencing it, when you hear or read a story?

And, is this hugely exhausting?

So, chances are you’re empathic.High-empathic people are often quickly burnt out, but also indispensable if, for example, caregivers and political activists.

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