How do you know if a woman is bad for you?

I would suggest you to look at yourself while you are at her.

  • What is her influence on you?
  • How do you feel when you are with her?
  • What do you expect from her?
  • Do you feel satisfied?


  • How has your life changed since you see her?
  • Can you see yourself building something in the very long run with her?
  • Are you letting yourself be happy in general?
  • Do you think you deserve to feel happy with someone?
  • All the answers to all these questions will show you whether you should stay with her or not.

    There are rarely pure bad guys, but there are mismatches and they occur regularly.

    We linger for several reasons:

    Sometimes we feel that it is as it is. ..

    Or, even worse, that we do not deserve better,

    But the only thing that comes down to it is that we all want to be loved,

    And that we willingly tolerate things to be just not alone.

    My mother told me once:

    “Love is 95% compromises, and only 5% is real love.”

    I found it quite unromantic then, and I got angry at her, but it is true that relationships require quite a bit of compromises, but they are especially with yourself: If you know how you want to love and be loved, then you don’t have to bother with comp Romissen.

    It is something I had to consciously think about after my divorce.

    I had been with someone for 16 years who didn’t mean bad, but that was ultimately bad for me.I came out of the relationship and felt totally nonexistent and transparent, as if I was no longer important.

    And I am a very loving and romantic person: I love to love.So in my search for a new partner I suggest a few rules, but especially to myself: if I don’t feel good, and my partner doesn’t hear me when I tell him/her, I’ll leave.

    I am not going to lose another 16 years of my life, I will not lose myself again.

    You have to set your own limits.

    Often you know the Zef deep inside.Do you really bother? Do you have to consistently invent excuses for things she does?

    You can also ask your friends or family members.Preferably male friends or girlfriends where you know 100% sure you are no more than a friend to them.

    ‘, ‘ If one day you notice that it’s just about her.I have already seen a lot of men go broke to their ‘ princesses ‘.

    “,” This is a question that you can better put to your intuition.

    When she moves her mouth all day.

    Ask the question: Am I bad for that woman?How does that feel?

    Are you proud to ask yourself that question?Do not reflect your inhibitions on that other. Inhibitions are not bad. That woman is not good or bad for you.

    If you find that you have inhibitions, look for the why to yourself.

    Be proud of your inhibitions and seek to phrase them without condemning them.

    It’s not easy.Those inhibitions are there to protect you. Use them to protect and not to attack.

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