How do you keep yourself motivated at times when everything around you falls apart?

Keeping yourself motivated do you for the something: For a purpose.Because without purpose you also need no motivation.

But staying motivated for that purpose when everything around you falls apart is not evident. And there will always be blockages, plateaus and thicklings.Those times when you feel that your motivation has hit the slop…

Therefore, I would like to share 10 ways with you from my experience as a coach of so many people who set themselves goals.And once in a while – like everyone else – have a bit harder. And get out of that dip again. How do they do that? Hopefully there are a few tips for you to apply.

1.Talk about it. Sometimes you have to blow off some steam.That gives you a new perspective on things. Because often small problems are big monsters in our head. And describing those monsters makes us realise that they are not really that terrible anyway. So talk to a friend, girlfriend, partner or life coach.

2.Make it plezant. We often let ourselves be absorbed by the serious task and the associated stress.But you have the right to also have fun while working on a task. There is no rule that says you should always stay serious. Try as it can bring some fun into it: do a match with yourself to finish the task even faster than last time, or whistle a song or go crazy with your colleagues.

3.Focus again on what YOU really like to do. If you really like doing something, the motivation will often come naturally.So if your motivation is in a dip, ask yourself: do I now do what I really want to do?If this is not the case, start by working on what you think is very important.

4.Create a list of benefits. What benefits are you going to get from achieving your goal?Write them down and take the list out of the tray when you need a motivation boost. Or hang it up where you see it every day.

5.Make a list with disadvantages. How will your life look when you continue to do without moving and working on your goal?How much worse will your life look like over five years? Try to see the negative consequences of Nót working on your goal.

6.Think three minutes of your past successes. And get inspired and motivated again.

7.Aim for a bigger goal. Put a great challenging goal that inspires you, even though it still seems somewhat unrealistic at the moment.If your goals seem too easy, there is often too little motivation.

8.Think of how far you’ve already hit and compare yourself with… Yourself. Comparing yourself with others and what they have already accomplished can really ‘ kill ‘ your motivation.There will always be people who have achieved something more than you. So focus on yourself and on your results. What have you already accomplished?

9.Ask yourself motivational questions. What is wonderful about this situation?What can I learn from this? What opportunities are now being used? How can I fix this? What is the next step I can make to make progress?

10.Just do something. Sometimes it’s even a good idea not to wait for motivation.But just to do. Difficult to start, but once you are in the flow, the motivation comes back automatically.

Or just take a break.Some rest can recharge your batteries again.

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