How do you go with the Dutch-speaking Quora?

A lot more active.

I find the Dutch Quora a lot better than the English version, and actually I only write Dutch answers, with an English answer here and there.You can see on my English profile that I have stopped active replies at the end of May.

It’s more fun, nicer, respectful and more helpful.And it’s also nice to see what’s playing among other Dutch people on Quora.

Only I would find it even more enjoyable if some more people were writing actively.When I look at how many followers have some subjects (in Dutch), and how often replies are sometimes viewed, there must be really thousands of Dutch people. But when I look at the answers themselves, the upvotes or even the comments, they are at most 40 different people.

Dus, Netherlands.Write some more. It is very cosy here!

As good as the English version.My English is almost equal to my Dutch, but in Dutch I am even less formal than in English.

I first go to the comments section and read what has been left on my replies/comments and react to it if I want/need it.

After that I read replies from the people I follow, I occasionally comment and sometimes I also write an answer for one of the questions they have answered.On the Dutch version I’m ready with it quite quickly, on the English version I follow almost 100 people who all have interesting things to say. Often I do not get the end of the list haha!

And then there is the category “requested answers” (which is a wrong translation, it should be “requested replies”.To request something that already exists, requests is asking for something new), which I also spit through. I skip a lot of questions, if the subject or the question is not, often even if enough answers have already been given (sometimes I get a request for a question that already has more than 100 replies, then I assume that it is adequately answered haha) or if there In the few given answers enough things are said that I would also say and my answer would not bring anything new.

And if I still have time left I go to the feed, or to a specific topic to see if there are any questions I would like/be able to answer.But the last three quarter years I don’t actually have enough time for that because I follow too many people that I really find interesting. I do have an es look if I can’t get out of it, but no… So yeah, I need somewhere to inlife lol:)

A lot more assertive than English language.I am usually very sweet.

One day a bit better than the other.

Until recently I found the Dutch version somewhat quieter, friendlier actually.I amused me.

On the English version I’m already called an idiot or boring and long-wintful.Sometimes I also use ‘ utterly invalid ‘ arguments. Either I was ripe for psychiatry.

But that was something for the English version, so such matters do not happen on the Dutch version.

But I was wrong.So I am also ‘ a big cuckoo ‘ and a ‘ scary man ‘.

Simply because I wanted to correct someone -admittedly -very personal answer a little diligently on language mistakes.

I had already apologized to the person regarding the adaptations and I had completely had peace with it if it had found it inappropriate.But he found it no problem and he is basically the only yardstick that really matters.

But others found me a cuckoo and scary.

Fine!I really needed that today.

Again an ilusie poorer.

I am also active on the English and Indonesian Quora.There I have quite a lot of followers and my replies get a lot of comments. On the other hand, I am doing self-censorship on both editions. I don’t always write everything up, what I think. And when I do it, I do it more nuanced. There are many people from my homeland who cannot resist criticism, especially when it comes to faith or politics.

I feel a lot freer on the Dutch-speaking Quora.My posts are not or barely read here by compatriots from Indonesia and so I can express myself more freely.

I hope I have answered this question.

With respect, humor and informative answers you come very far.

Quora in Dutch is not as crowded as the English side.

On the English side, many questions are asked by people who are paid for asking questions.So I don’t know if that also applies to the Dutch Quora.

I also use the Dutch Quora to continue to develop my vocabulary and information.

Just nice to do all the two.:)

The same as with the American.If I find a question really interesting I answered it extensively. Or the subject is me.

But I admit that I am at the English occasional answers give on questions which I think you are stupid Americans.I have a lot less here

I myself asked this question and I would also answer it.

I have also been written on the English site.I felt like it was getting better, but it still remained crooked English, barely better than the academic English that we are busy in the Netherlands.

I write mainly for the pleasure of writing.Some people think about first and write their thoughts afterwards, but I start writing and writing forces me to ponder.

Questions and Answers

There is also a translation machine that poses questions.I find that quite resent. If you answered that question then give your answer to a question that no one has asked. You can recognize questions from the translation machine by not having followers.Apart from ignoring, I sometimes give him a ‘ downvote ‘ and if the question is a crooked translation, I will report it.’ No good Dutch ‘, as a reason.

There are also questions that are interesting and sometimes I ‘ follow ‘ such questions.I can also ask myself questions, just to take the opportunity. Let me take advantage of it.

In Both cases, I can request an answer 25 times.I do so. Who? I just go the list off, and ask every third, fourth or fifth in the list to get an answer. So I just follow an algorithm. This is how I disable personal preferences.

I can also comment on a question.I think it is wonderful to pack an answer to a question in a comment. But other comments are also possible.

From other possibilities I do not make use.I am curious about these other possibilities and experiences.

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