How do you get rid of a cold the fastest? If a dog is in a corner?

Lots of drinking, plenty of sleep and especially chicken soup and other light meals.Especially warm and have two boxes of tissues in the house because you fly through it.

Also important: Sign up ill with your employer!Otherwise, you’ll also stick to your colleagues. Staying at home is the best.

It is important that you keep your nostrils empty so as not to be snot, but regularly snouts.Immediately dispose of Tissue after snouts and do not reuse. Every time your muzzle gets rid of viruses that other people want to infect elsewhere. If you keep them inside, they choose you as a victim…

Many vitamin C swallowing and multivitamins.Drink a lot. The stove high and under the wool and sweating though.

Nose rinsing with salt water and throat gargle with salt water is the best you can do.

Good food (not too heavy, but things like chicken soup with peppers)

Fix or Tiger Balm also helps always

Nasal Spraytje if it is needed.

Drinking a lot of tea

Cough drink or a pure shot of your best alcohol

Hot Dress Up

Nice to be sick in bed or on the couch, because your rest is very important when you are ill

Alcolado also works well when you are sick, looks like this:

Don’t do anything, nothing helps.


A cold is still an innocent and intolerable disease that lasts on average 3 1/2 days. Scientists have already discovered more than two hundred different virus strains, which can provoke a cold. No research is being done on pharmaceuticals because the disease is so innocent and the disease period is so short that it does not deliver.
On average, you run about 4 colds per year.
For “remedies” See: colds: self-care


The one common cold is not the other.
Keeping you quiet and some hot drinks may accelerate the healing process, but certainly the feel-good feeling.

With several Muslim tenants I have heard it seems to free up the airways every morning.I apply this method to a cold, works very quickly if you want to get rid of a cold (you can run above the sink): Take water in your hands and suck it up through your nose. You are actually flushing your nose because you sneeze this water out (because your nose is hiding, the road to your throat is blocked). This is repeated until your nose is free, you feel as if you are drowning, but once your nose is free, he is also free. You may have to repeat it, in between using your paper tissues.

Alone, that helps the best.Whether you do with or without a coat, with or without Vaporub, doesn’t matter. Colds is a sign that someone has just enough of interference and demands from the outside.

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