How do you get more followers on Quora?

Thank you for the question!What most people forget is that it’s always about relationships between people.

I have already received the question to many platforms:

“How do I get more followers on Quora / Instagram / YouTube / Facebook / Pinterest […?”

Many who ask such a question usually act only for selfish motives,albeit unconsciously, for example:

“I want to have a lot of followers because then I feel better | accepted i | I am respected | successful am | whatever.”

As a rule, these people don’t care who follows them – they reduce the person to a mere number, the main thing, this is constantly increasing.

Rarely, however, do they ask themselves the really important question:

  • What can I do for the other?
  • Is there a reason for him to follow me?
  • Does he have added value that I can offer him if he follows me?

When one person follows another, it is usually a conscious decision:

“Hey, he really enriches my life with what he does – I want to see more of it!”

-> and followed.

People are not numbers, they are people.Before I demand anything from others, I should consider what I could give myself.

It is a gift to the people of this platform what I give, not bartering, or worse, a one-sided demand.

Real followers follow me because they trust me – not because I want it.

On Quora, for example, this could mean:

  • Write detailed, helpful articles that actually add value to others.
  • Evaluate answers that help yourself or that you like, positively and/or share them.
  • Write a short, personal message to the author of the text and thank you – for me there is hardly anything more beautiful than to get such a message.
  • Take the time to visit new profiles and find and get to know people with similar interests.
  • Always be respectful in exchange, even if someone should take a different view under your comment.
  • Create a new blog about one of your favorite topics and occasionally post a thoughtful article to help other readers think new.

If you do this every day, I guarantee you that you will put on one or the other follower that will be very similar to you – quite relaxed and self-deviating, with emotional pull instead of compulsive push.Often the best relationships result from this, because they value you for these qualities. And not only on Quora and other social media, but also in “real” life.

Always man before number.

I hope I could help you with this answer and show a new perspective.Of course, I am also always happy to receive a brief response. 🙂 Thank you for the question!

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