How do you get kids so far that they eat with taste vegetables?

Sorry, no clue.

Mine always had phases.As a baby and toddler he ate everything. I was super proud of myself, I thought I did well because I had been breastfeeding for 2 years and made him known with all tastes.

The situation changed to 180 degrees in one week.He went to school and only wanted to eat bread for breakfast, lunch and supper.

The parents in my area or were sitting in the same situation or ate the kids everything else they didn’t get dessert.At our home dessert was usually just fresh fruit and not at all “organized”. You have eaten and you grab a piece of fruit. Or not, if you didn’t have a trek in it. He has now made the idea of school that fruit is eaten in the fruit break between 10 and 11 and not otherwise. He has also gotten a picto that he had to eat vegetables at 6 o’clock but that didn’t help at all.

I could have started to buy chips and candy but the idea to pick up other food to eat something and use food to punish and reward I found weird.I myself am so educated and I am not satisfied with my own eating habits. Like chocolate and ice cream when I have had a kutdag.

For a while he had a juf who wanted all children to bring mini cucumbers and other snacks.He was proud that he ate hated vegetables, but also often said “I secretly gave my cucumber to Michel when Juf Annelies didn’t look. He has to eat everything because he has foster mother. Only children with bi-O-lo-gical mothers should be difficult to do “.

I kept on offering food, he kept refusing.Sometimes it did with long-stewed tajines and well-seasoned curry (you don’t taste the vegetables anymore).

Now he is 9 and I notice that it goes in the right way.He tastes more and more and sometimes it does taste too. Sometimes it is still “may I have regular pasta with grated cheese” and sometimes “I see you are tired, I just eat with you”.

Simply offering and not forcing.That’s as easy as it sounds. The difficult part is in what you all want and find.

At our table it is just allowed to say ‘ I like that and I find that less delicious ‘.I did not get out of the way of serving the ‘ less tasty ‘ category but have put the focus on what is nice. Because in the end it is about the fact that vegetables are eaten not how many different species, that is more in the ‘ nicely taken if there are many ‘.

At one point I found out that my son doesn’t like it when it’s not well visible/clear what’s in his food.I then noticed for example that he ate potatoes vegetable meat so on and if we had pasta with a sauce that was long teeth festival and very often the question * prick * ‘ What is this? ‘

From that moment when we ate something that was mixed I told in advance what was in it and then he just ate it. Problem solved.

I think food doesn’t have to be a struggle at all, my son is not a difficult eater (I think).I always give him small bits, but of the vegetable really what he HAS TO eat, so he knows he should at least eat it. Does he want to do it for an hour? He has to know, the times that happened, we just went further. He is now 11 and I think that has not been mentioned in recent years.

Now we are even so far that I just say ‘ what kind of vegetables will we eat? ‘ and then he chooses himself.Just fine!

In addition to healthy eating, many parents give their children a lot of sweetness.Think of lemonades and sweets. And kids love sweet flavours! And you can make use of it!

First and foremost, make sure that your children do not eat too much sweetness because they become less sensitive to sweet flavours and then have to eat more and more sweet things.Then the sweet taste of fruit and vegetables is no longer above and therefore tastes dirty. The best way is to give sweets but also a lot of fruit. And in terms of lemonades syrup is a good idea with just a little bit of syrup and lots of water together. It has to taste something but not too much…

In addition, make sure that the vegetables you prepare are also sweet in taste.This can be added by adding sweet peppers and beans and other sweet vegetables. If necessary, you can add sugar to the vegetables. Whipped cream over sprouts sounds extremely disturbed but if your kids find that nice, why not? Spinach and Andijvie A la creme is also an option because the “creme” makes the taste sweeter again.

Furthermore, it is mainly a lot of trying.

An additional option is to let your child help with their preparation.Work makes it hungry. Children are rather hungry after a day playing outside than after a day sitting behind the computer.

Do not put any pressure on it, together with your child cooking.Make vegetables attractive like e.g. A quiche (vegetable tart) or vegetable “clog” with the blender by the soup. Or to offer extra raw vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, carrot, paprika, many children find delicious. Good luck!

There are methods for this.Mr Wind has cookery books with it.

I have always cared for a lot of kids.And have given up the fight “food”. Every child just comes into a weird stage with food. The busier you make, the longer it will take.

My daughter only eats plants.So those who know you make happy with every day lettuce. She never had any trouble with meat, but she doesn’t give anything. She is 19 now and are still eating every week. And if I ask what they want it is still skipping.

Luckily I live in the heart of Rotterdam now and I have always used Toko’s, market and vague shops.For a small amount I threw the whole fruit bowl full of things that were weird and new.

A fruit bowl with mango, rambutan, star fruit, dragon fruit, papajas and vague things of places we didn’t know existed.That makes it all interesting. Also, the whole “self” pick worked at some.

Vegetables don’t always have to be vegetable.Carrots grout with some sugar and vinegar also wants to be very tasty if they have helped to make it. Especially the self help and picking works well with the smallest. You can have them completely hyperen that they even find a loose grape special.

Also, the grout of carrots or cucumber, for example, is almost no longer found in the paste.What they cannot taste and see just goes inside.

Boil in sugar water, do not go crazy and then slowly (over years) decrease.My oldest I got so to the raw broccoli.

Make it a game.Cut large leafy vegetables in circles and make smiley tops from them; Put peas in the way with fries and fish sticks or hamburgers (that most children like) that a nice picture appears on their sign. Promise an ice cream or a biscuit, candy O.I.D. as they eat it. There will always be certain vegetables (in my case and are that sprouts) that they do not lust for. Do not force them, but accept those exceptions.

Mixing with different vegetables, with different colors, makes vegetables more appealing.Furthermore, if you use well-known herbs and spices to give the vegetables a familiar flavor also helps.

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