How do you get fed up without taking many calories?

Supplementation with organic bean flour.

It is a white flour that is obtained from organic beans.I buy it from Rink Feinkost im Breisgau for about 14€/kg (internet).

My maintenance dose:_2-3 tsp per day.

z.B. 1 tl in the coffee or muesli in the morning and in the afternoon.

1 tsp in sauces

Taste very neutral.

Observed effect: Hunger or starvation-related cravings are absent.

The literature points to preventing the separation of carbohydrates into sugar and starch, which is then converted into hip gold.

No description of a re-adjustment of the appetite.I get along well with about 25-30% of my previous food needs. Without starving. I am now at 97 kg (8 years ago 136 kg) at 1.86 m.

In northern Italy there is supposedly bean salad at every meal, I have heard.Fat Italians are probably less likely to be seen.

After many inconclusive attempts, this is the only means that has helped me and many others.

An obese landlord I am familiar with has lost 35 kg.His wife with a considerable ball hintere 15 kg. My compliments to both “Welcome back to life”. Especially the belly fat is a sneaky killer because of the production of inflammatory messengers and hormones (e.g. aldosterone), because these harmful substances can penetrate directly into arteries and veins and spread in the organism (dementia, cancer, high blood pressure).

In my experience, there is no other way to permanently reduce his weight.

A parasite cure according to Dr. Hulda Clark with black walnut tincture, which I use regularly, would also be recommended.

Unfortunately, parasite removal has not found a place with the medicalprofession, because this would seriously disrupt the successful business models of Big Pharma (Rockefeller Medicine) on the basis of chronically ill patients.

You should also drink 4-5 cups of warm water with organic lemon juice in the morning before getting up to optimize detoxification.

Other suggestions:

Liver cleansing according to Dr. Hulda Clark

I do a liver cleanse twice a year.It is very simple. From 14:00 you can no longer eat. At 6:00 p.m., drink the first 200 ml of Epsom saline solution (one heaped tablespoon on 200 ml of water), at 20:00, the second 200 ml of the same solution. At 9 p.m. you take a drink consisting of two freshly pressed grapefruit (approx. 190 ml) and 125 ml of high-quality olive oil and fill the rest with water, which has a total liquid quantity of 500 ml available. This can be distributed very uniformly with one in the blender and it tastes very good. You should drink this drink in small sips within 15 minutes. After that, you lay down on a bed for 30 minutes. The next morning, at 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., two portions of 200 ml epsom salt solution are drunk. There are usually about 2000-3000 small gallstones, which also contain unwanted parasites (living rule, pancreatic sail). The liver can then excrete much better toxins. The application of this method is important in that, for example, the lifeline is able to store heavy metals (cadmium and mercury) in significant quantities that far exceed the permitted limit values.

These heavy metals act like a fairly strong antenna and can cause discomfort such as migraines, restlessness, irritability with normal electrosmog exposure.This may also mean that people who are in the wild – without electrosmog exposure – have significantly fewer complaints. I would not rule out that a severe parasite load is also the cause of the frequently diagnosed burnout disease.

This procedure is absolutely painless and makes the liver fully functional again.It is understandable if the liver is burdened with a large amount of gallstones and parasites (which, incidentally, cannot be detected in ultrasound), the detoxification effect leaves something to be desired.

The pancreatic sail and ascarisworms like to feed on the insulin that the body produces.This diverted insulin is naturally missing from the body, with the result that the pancreas has to produce a significantly higher amount of insulin and the body becomes obese.

This is likely to lead to an overload of the pancreas, which will sooner or later no longer be able to produce insulin in sufficient quantities to regulate sugar levels.Then Big Pharma is happy again, because a permanent supply of insulin is imminent.

Indian kidney tea for detoxification of kidney and bladder

Indian kidney tea (ortosiphonic leaves tea), which is available in every pharmacy, has the advantage that it eliminates bacteria and viruses as well as kidney semolina.It should not be forgotten that this tea is also able to eliminate persistent listeria, which can also very well survive an antibiotic treatment.

I drink about 6-8 cups a week.

Weakness and muscle wasting/osteoporosis

Weakness states are associated with a weakening heart that is not adequately supplied with hawthorn and coenzyme Q 10.

In addition, the vitamin D level should be checked by the medical doctor.In case of danger (below 30) one should aim for quite high vitamin D levels (greater than 50 units). The dilemma is that dermatologists recommend sunscreens to patients with a light protection factor of 50-60. As a result, it is no longer possible for the organism to form vitamin D itself through the skin. Many older ones break their legs at relatively low loads when the vitamin D level is significantly lower than 30 units. The annual care (e.g. with Dekristol) costs only 25€, which are replaced by the health insurance company if there is a proven deficiency in the blood count.

With regard to muscle wasting, there are no official recommendations from the doctors, although they know exactly.The concealment of connections is a considerable hobby of our very for-profit physicians and ensures full practices with many chronically ill people at odds with the Hippotkrates Oath.

In old age, the massive muscle wasting is due to the fact that the collagen peptides necessary for muscle formation are no longer formed by the body and are therefore not available to the necessary extent for the build-up of a stable muscle mass.It is recommended to use a simple protein product, for example, twice a day from Rossmann. There are very well-tolerated protein products for every flavor (approx. €15 per kilogram). However, there is a protein product that is placed on the market without any additives.

Migraines and mood swings

It has been found that, for example, the liver, which has found a pleasant home in the liver, tends to incorporate heavy metals, including mercury and cadmium (both highly toxic), in huge doses far above the maximum permitted dose. for the human organism.

The heavy metal reacts like a reinforced antenna to electromagnetic smog orelectromagnetic influences. Patients who suffer massively from migraines and mood swings can find out if they are in the wild, far away from electromagnetic stress, have a much more stable state of mind and are less likely to have migraines or migraines. severe headaches.

Parasite removal

These parasites can be easily combated with a diluted tincture of black walnut extract for approx. 30 € per 100 ml (see above).

The pharmaceutical industry is not in a position to offer a side-effect-free parasite removal agent that can be used for almost all known parasites that are present in the body without heavy burden on the organism.The drug offered by the pharmaceutical industry is only effective against two parasites and has serious side effects for the organism (liver, kidneys).

It is not surprising, of course, that there are no extensive studies on this.The pharmaceutical industry is unwilling to study proven natural remedies in meaningful studies, because they do not make a profit with natural remedies that cannot be patented.

The physicians fed by training tell the patient succinctly that there are no studies that would confirm such views.The patient who is suffering is left with only the right to examine these things himself.

Due to the supplementation that has been carried out for about two decades and the methods i have used for a year for detoxification and cleansing of the liver, I have been doing very well since 2017 despite atrial fibrillation.

My immune system works well.I haven’t had any infections since that time.

I would be pleased, Mr Patern, if my suggestions would help you.

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