How do you get a narcissist to enter into a solid relationship?

It’s not that hard in itself.You just have to be willing to comply with the following few dots without restriction, then this should be quite possible:

  1. Having your own opinion and representing it is best to get used to it on the first day.
  2. Unrestricted and unsolicited attention and admiration must flow freely, like the morning toilet.
  3. It’s unrestrictedly approving if he rejects intimacy with you and makes you feel unattractive!
  4. Be sure to work on your attractiveness!

That has to work better!

  • Leave your phone open at any time!
  • It is to be believed that he does not.
  • It is best to make access data to your PC and mobile phone available on the first day.
  • All the meals he cooks, unrestrictedly, even if they don’t taste.
  • You are to eat!

  • From now on always with Plan A (takes place) and Plan B (does not take place) always take into account.
  • Look forward to excursions and trips formally open, but already know inside, they will not take place!
  • Don’t express disappointment!

  • Promises are being broken 鈥?this is to be accepted unreservedly and not reproached.
  • The correct voice octave must be adjusted at any time to its specially defined sound limit.
  • He will not tolerate any individual adaptation of the voice, even on passionate subjects. It is best to follow its tone.

  • Laugh at his jokes, even if they’re not funny and about you.
  • Never – never – make jokes about him!
  • I strongly advise against this!

  • Accept (unrestricted) to be cheated!
  • Possible venereal diseases, due to his cheating on you, are to be accepted unrestricted.
  • After 5 AIDS tests, the health insurance companies sometimes offer discounts for the 6th!

  • Although you are ill yourself or prevented from working, the needs of the narcissist are always and unrestrictedly satisfied!
  • You can also work a lot at night when he is asleep.

  • To accept that friends, family come to visit less often and you will also spend less time with them.
  • To be absolutely flawless for him.
  • Please pay attention!

  • His flirting with other women is unobjectionable to accept!
  • Word salads never doubt and are to be digested in this way.
  • Never do verbal gymnastics yourself!
  • Don’t address topics you know about, but he doesn’t!
  • Very important!

  • Should it have slipped you out anyway and he is actually arguing wrongly 鈥?he is still right!
  • It is to be accepted that your perception will change dramatically!
  • Always orient at his perception. This is definitely groundbreaking and right! If it changes the next day, it’s the right thing to do!

  • Always give him the feeling that he is sexually satisfying you, even if he does not (pretend to be in need of orgasm).
  • It is also to be believed that the fault lies with you not to come to a climax!
  • Accept that he often prefers to masturbate rather than seek closeness to you.
  • Get a good internet connection so that regular downloading of porn doesn’t hinder the rest of the data transfer.

  • The supply in the form of fear and panic is in no way to be denied in the massive dramas!
  • It is to be believed that he regularly provokes strife (sometimes several times a day) and then disappears from the ground for several days.
  • During this time it is essential to prepare and write petitions to him.

  • Silent Treatment and WhatsApp blockages are to be fully acceptable.
  • Always (always) unrestricted, ask for forgiveness, also for the things he is responsible for 鈥?that is very important!
  • Please, I say it here separately, so that it is understood: you are to blame for everything!
  • But you get used to it after a while!

  • To be assumed, you will massively reduce your health and develop various psychosomatic pains.
  • There are many homeopathic remedies against irritable intestines and also ointments for the herniated disc in the neck. By the way, that comes because you’re no longer flexible 鈥?but it doesn’t matter.

  • Every lie is to be accepted as truth 鈥?in principle, everything must be accepted as truth 鈥?and, as before, unrestricted.
  • You must never, ever lie.
  • But you should definitely lie to your family why you look so gnarly to protect it!
  • If you bring children into the relationship, they have to submit to him and they must under no circumstances miss the other biological parent and say out loud that they love him!
  • You should accept the marriage proposal after one month!
  • All jealousy attacks are also acceptable and the proof of the negative must be carried out!
  • You should definitely find a way to make yourself aware of what a pathetic person you really are 鈥?because, see above, he is always right!
  • You must never provoke him 鈥?never!
  • Also do not bring with his own suggestions or wishes that he thinks you have own needs!

  • You have to fully tolerate him shouting at you as a passenger while driving and moaning at you and you have to be able to drive through Prague accident-free.
  • If you implement all this, then you have your narcissist forever in a fixed relationship.

    Good luck!

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