How do you find Zack Snyders Superman?

So I thought Man of Steel was really good.Still below Marvel level But I had a first feeling for why the Superman is called. Especially the opening scene on Krypton that was really out of the picture from the whole production design.

And this hopeless inferiority of human armament, that was really ant against boots.

They took the AC Cobra from the sky and literally tore them to pieces on foot.

Batman’s motivation to hoard Kryptonite and make weapons out of it was perfectly understandable to me.

Batman vs Superman also started relatively impressively for me at everything goes to Klump and although he is objectively powerless against these two godlike raging aliens.Is he the only one who runs into the dust cloud instead of out of it, because he is just a hero. With Henry Cavil they put all-smooth uncharismatic Superman in there but up to the scene I was still good things but after that came the crash of itself the DCU in my opinion has not recovered to this day.

Snyder has so many different stories and he just ignores the essential things that made up the quality of the comics.

Somehow I had the impression that he had looked at the underlying comics and then simply ripped out the pictures that he liked, brought into a reasonably meaningful series, constructed a shaky story around it and finished his Storyboard, which he then only routinely filmed down.

Clearly with Batman’s fight at the end against the 10 15 men he captured quite well the atmosphere of the rocksteady games, but “Martha” au weia.

The whole Doomsdayplot was completely superfluous also this totally set up anteasern of further, DC movies that was crafting everything so mediocre to badly made.

Jessy Eisenberg’s Luthor, no idea what that was supposed to be like the criminal superbrain from the comic book, he didn’t seem exactly.

Even that he just lets Jimmy Olsen die without that somehow the real impact on anyone and then he can not even wait until the next movie and absolutely has to knock it out what and so everyone knows.

Of course, he’s not dead. (So Superman)

As if anyone had believed that for even a second.And then Justice League a bad joke Suicide Squat an insult.

The Henry Cavil now is gone is honest so no matter how acting he is not great noticed DC is just missing such a mastermind of the ne clear vision of the characters and stories he wants to tell in mind.

The best way to start the universe is to restart the universe and let the old die with nem Lobo film.

He just comes here and rivets them all around really brutally start PG18 he does with Martha then Martha the rest afterwards.

After each major fight, he climbs onto his space bike and sets off for the next one.

As a running gag, he then comes every time flown past Batman, who each time lives through the story of a Robin’s creation.

Whenever it turns out, the Batman takes this Robin to the student just flies past Lobo and kills the just established Robin via accident.E.g. during the ride, an empty beer can throws against Robin’s head, who is tormented a few steps aside and is run over by a garbage truck. So he loses a sidekick every quarter of an hour and the deaths become more twisted each time almost Tom and Jerry moderate.

Meanwhile, Batman slowly turns and looks more like a madman of ripped clothes in every new scene, and after the third fourth dead sidekick, the viewer slowly becomes clear what looks like the Joker.

After the last dead sidekick the real joker comes by but with neat hairstyle normally dressed but still recognizable as a joker uncalled Batman to “I told you only a bad day” Batman looks behind him resignedly during the newly flying by Lobo, a rear-end accident that ends in a particular perverse death of the Joker.Cut on Lobo’s driver position he sees something on the ground muttering moment and lands as he runs off he starts to murmur that he’s been here before. In front of a road sign he remains standing knowledge of his face. and the camera turns on the road sign on the Crime Alley stands.

Then cut to a flashback and what Lobo says just happens on the canvas.Lobo tells how he murdered this couple 30 years ago only the boy survived.

Cut on Batman pure rage.

Superman and Wonder Women dive into epic finals battles.Lobo flattens everyone.

During the credits, the camera shoots out of the film Out into the editing room, where David Ayer and Scott Snyder arrive at the end of the filming.

The camera turns through space, all at once, loud screams, panic, the camera now points back to the screen where Lobo just breaks through the third wall, rises out of the picture and throws his huge hook behind the two geniuses.

The image becomes black no aftercreditscene only The shouting of an ever smaller film crew and to the fact that noise like metal meets meat.These sounds are also becoming quieter, the image black, Silence, Silence and then a Stan Lee cameo as sarcastic as possible. (maybe he tells someone outside the picture “I said the green costume” and the voice of Ryan Reynolds replies squealing “Man, you promised me that I will never have to put this on again” and after a little bickering he comes into the picture with a Green Arrow costume or as Poison Ivyy:-)

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