How do you feel as an INFP woman?

My experience as a woman with the personality type INFP connects me with the power animal of the goldenbird, which is a central figure in the Grimm fairy tale The Golden Bird.

In the following I describe an incident in my life in which I took note for the first time of the history of the Golden Bird.Since then, I have adopted the term to describe my essence. The Golden Bird is synonymous with the Phoenix, the mystical bird of transformation, for a human catalyst.

Fairy tales The Golden Bird :
Every year, a golden apple is stolen from a king’s apple tree at night.

He orders his sons to keep a night watch. The two eldest princes have fallen asleep while the youngest stays awake to witness the arrival of a golden bird stealing an apple. The youngest king’s son hits one of his feathers while trying to shoot the thief bird.

The experts who joined the next morning rate the pen as more valuable than the whole kingdom.The king decides that he must come into possession of the golden bird. Again, in turn, he sends his three sons on their way, ordering him to capture and bring this priceless golden bird.

On the way, each of the princes meets a talking fox, who 鈥?in his life 鈥?gives them the following advice for the search trip: Do not stay overnight in the attractive inn, but choose the simple inn. The two older brothers reject the recommendation and end their search trip already in the interior-loving inn.

The third prince follows the fox’s advice about the hostel, but he rejects the second advice to transport the golden bird in a wooden cage instead of a golden one.Due to this error, the screaming golden bird wakes the sleeping castle staff at night, which leads to the capture of the prince. To save his life, he is tasked with capturing the golden horse. The fox advises him to put a wooden saddle on the horse instead of a golden saddle, which the prince again disregards. Next, he is sent in search of the princess from the golden castle. The fox advises him not to allow her to say goodbye to her parents, which in turn fails. The lord of the castle and father of the princess orders the prince to take off a mountain – as a price for his life.

The fox asks the prince to shoot him and cut off his head.The prince refuses to respond to this request and receives a warning not to buy gallows meat and not to sit on the edges of the well.

On his way home together with princess, horse and bird, the youngest finds out that his two Spelunken brothers should be hanged at the gallows.He decides to buy them free. The older brothers note that their youngest brother is the only one who has successfully fulfilled the mission to which all three have been called. As he sits on the edge of the fountain, the gallows birds push down their liberator, take the bird, the horse and the princess into their power and introduce them to their father.

The golden animals and the princess from the golden castle all mourn the prince, believed dead.Again the fox saves him, so that he returns in beggar garb to his father’s castle, where the unrecognized returnee is allowed to work as a stable man. The golden bird, the golden horse and the princess immediately recognize him as the man who took them for himself. Her joie de vivre reappears. As the tide turns, the princess marries and his brothers are killed.

At his repeated request, the youngest prince eventually kills the fox and cuts off his head and feet. The enchanted fox now reveals himself as the princess’s brother.

Source: The Golden Bird (1857)

Now to my story, which connects me with the fairy tale of the golden bird:

It happened about 22 years ago in a seminar yagon.Over breakfast, an astrologer took a quick look at my birth chart to tell me, “You have the characteristics of a golden bird.”

“What does this mean?”I asked her, because I had never heard of the fairy tale of the golden bird in the horoscope.

She answered, “When you start singing on the tree, the birds of the sky will fly and gather around you to enjoy your songs.”

During the morning break, it turned out that I was standing outside in the yard with a group of ten women.

  • Eight of them [80%[* knew each other from earlier.
  • All eight women were enthusiastic about Mary from the United States.

They felt at home with the mother-appeared woman.
Two seminars for Mary in Germany.
Six were participants in Mary’s seminars.

  • Two of the women [20% in the circle did not knew Mary.
  • Mary was a former school bus driver, later a real estate agent, who lived in a house near the golf course in Sun City, near Phoenix, Arizona.She had landed a prestigious office job in a seminar organization. This organization had engaged me at short notice as an interpreter for German-speaking visitors. Mary’s ambitious goal was to become an internationally sought-after seminar leader, just like her boss.
    As the only one in the circle of eleven women, I had been a paying guest in Mary’s house for two weeks years before.Mary had controlled me, my friends, other foreign guests and a subtenant. Their control was also in their controlled over their family members and work colleagues. Mary loved golden cages and golden saddles and was eager to advance professionally. She used all sorts of situations to promote herself with my language help 鈥?behind and intrusive.

    The group of eight women raved about Mary.In return, I told them of several of my experiences with Mary when I lived in her house and was taken as”her” interpreter, among other things. What I told and what the eight women thought about Mary were two pairs of shoes. My perspective didn’t fit into her image. In the blink of an eye, all eight women mysteriously disappeared from the circle. There were no protests, declarations or farewell words.
    I had not yet had the opportunity to tell the eight women that I was probably the first German to ask Mary twice to organize seminars for her in Germany.And twice I had let Mary’s questions go unanswered.

    I stayed behind with the two women who had listened with interest but did not belong to the group that was known to Mary.They asked me, “What else can you tell us next?”

    The break was over.Still overwhelmed by the mysterious division of spirits we had just witnessed, we went back to the seminar room.

    Over lunch, I told the astrologer how the “golden bird” had fared: “The flock that had gathered did not want to listen to me!On the contrary. When I sang, they fled from me in droves. When I shared with them my first-hand view of things and my experiences 鈥?regarding the lack of integrity and questionable behavior of a touted supermama 鈥?they didn’t appreciate my singing at all.”

    “Yes,” replied the astrologer, “when the golden bird is in a cage that is unsuitable for him, it does not sing beautifully.He will either scream, which could lead to the capture of those who have given him the inappropriate container, or be sad and silent.”

    She explained: ‘The women who sneaked away – because of the screaming sounds of the golden birdlocked in a golden cage – were eager to get their views confirmedby you.Those who enjoyed your singing were open and allowed you to express yourself freely. They listened to you with interest and welcomed you among themselves. In unfavourable conditions, if you have been put in an unsuitable cage, you will first try to clean the atmosphere. If the climate (the context) is right, you have the chance to sing and be well received.”

    “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the exuberant power may be of God and not of us.”

    Corinthians 4, 7 (NT)

    After that, there were times when I retired and stayed in a hiding place.But the golden bird in me was anxious to sing. Sometimes he sat in a tree and cried out because of the painful experience that some people can’t do anything other than to overdo this “unabsorbed” bird with their pre-fabricated expectation, to pepper it into their imagination, which they call ” normal” and “appropriate”.

    Only a limited number of people (20%) recognized me as the golden bird that prefers the simple wooden cage.I call these comrades-in-arms GOLD. It takes a gold to recognize a fellow gold. I am grateful that I met them and continue to meet them, that I had the chance to move and revive them, just as they moved and enlivened me. What these golden people have in common is that a heavy skill in their lives has made them humble, attentive, and compassionate. I also like to call them my “swan siblings”. (See Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “TheUgly Duckling”.)

    Golden birds enjoy singing the glory of God under favorable circumstances.

    Dive deep, fly high, stay balanced and sustainable.

    Warm greetings to all who wanted to read the archetypal story that goes with my human life up to this point.



    [* Interestingly, according to Human Design System, I am the type of emotional manifestor [the shepherd dog that warns the flock of sheep about the wolf.

    About 8.8% (now more) of the general population are manifestos.
    Manifestos receive resistance, sometimes persecution, from 80% of their fellow human beings, by default and rarely consciously.

    鈿?chemists describe catalysis as a highly complex process.Catalysts change the existing chemicallevel (causing a modified attractor field).
    refer to the transformative effect as turbulence.
    鈿?b> sociologists also call human catalysts “makers and decision-makers,” “pathmakers,” “whistleblowers,” “annoying rebels” and even “poison injections.”

    Human catalysts can initiate an r-evolutionary and involutional transformation, which is accompanied by emotional turmoil as a result of the release of bound energies.

    The transformation process continues until the moment of the “critical mass” is reached, which in itself triggers a complete field change.
    After the paradigm shift, a new balance of existing forces begins to take hold.

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