How do you enjoy life with less money?

Nowadays, we are big in a world where money is a need for life. Without money you end up as homeless and unhappy, the average citizen will answer.But it’s less black and white than you think. Because we live in a society that becomes increasingly materialistic, in which it is important that you have a beautiful car, a large house and, of course, a large and interesting relationship associated with it. But you can have a million euros on the bank and be dead unhappy.

The statement ‘ money makes no happy ‘ sounds cliché, but is partly very true.Of course you need money to get your basic needs. It is a means of payment. It used to be bartering, and if you had lots of possessions, you were rich. Now it is ‘ simplified ‘ to the currencies of today. The richness is therefore necessary to obtain your basic needs.But in my opinion you do not need more than the absolute basis. How much would it cost?

Maslow’s Pyramid

According to the pyramid of basic needs of Maslow[1 you need the following things:

  • Physiological needs; Food, drink, sleep, sex (yes) and shelter.

This is the absolute basis that doesn’t have to cost much, if you’re not demanding.

  • Security: Personal, emotional, financial and health.
  • In the personal sphere, this is a stable family, which is not self-evident, but does not cost anything. An emotional security will then result from a personal safe basis. The financial security is especially in the future; Permanent job, no drastic changes in fixed loads, etc. Your safety concerns health doesn’t have to cost money, but everyone gets sick, so this is definitely a factor in the whole picture. However, a healthy lifestyle can seriously reduce the risks (as everyone knows, of course). So less fast food is sensible, no good.

  • Social cohesion: If the two factors mentioned above are foreseen, social cohesion is the result; The feeling that you belong to somewhere.
  • Think of family, friendship and intimate relationships. If you don’t have this, it results in loneliness, fear and sometimes self-depressions.

    After this, there are two more levels in the pyramid, namely recognition and self-realization. This means that you get recognition for what you do and contribute to society, which feeds your ego.Self-realization could be described as you transcend yourself and exploit your full potential.

    I’m not going into the last two levels, because I think it’s products of life, provided the first 3 levels are in order.I think that it is therefore important to have those in order and to make that a priority too. You’ll sometimes see young people focus on higher levels without having the first levels in order.

    So can you be happy with little money?

    This remains an answer that everyone will have to answer personally, but I believe that not much money is needed to have the first three levels in order.As soon as they are in order, your life is given meaning and happiness is a beautiful by-product.I personally find it difficult to chase ‘ happiness ‘, but when you do what you get positive energy from (something that usually does not yield money), you give meaning to your life and give yourself a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

    Because again: You can have a million on the couch, but if your family does not look at you, people prefer not to be with you or, and if you have lost the wire through all this psychologically, happiness is really not for sale.

    This is my opinion, and I am trying to live this thought.Not all basic needs are for sale.


    [1 Maslow’s hierarchy of needs-Wikipedia

    Enjoy more of the little things that are free, a bird that Zingd, a beautiful song, the warmth of the sun after a cold period, the silence of meditation, the beauty of nature. Money is a means, not a goal.

    Enjoy the little things.Look for the beauty in yourself and in the things around you. Do things you like, these can be great things but also small things. Take a small walk and look at the beauty around you. Make your favorite drink at home and adjust to your preference. Suit and book. Agree with the people you are giving. Embrace things, moments, and people who make you happy and give you small or big glimks of happiness. Enjoy it.

    Go to a country where the average income is less than where you live now and you will automatically adjust.

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