How do you define pseudoscience?

Karl Popper has ever defined pseudo science fairly well (inspired by Einstein and Freud).

Freud had a psychoanalytical method, but what he did according to Popper was to explain all possible situations within his theory or adapt his theory so that it always knocked.

Einstein did a prediction and said, “If this is not exactly the same, then my theory is not correct.”

The difference is: Pseudoscience is looking for verification for a theory (as long as you only look at all the predictions that are knocking is astrology completely reliable) and “real” science is always looking for ways to disprove its own theory.

This is a common definition of pseudo-science, trying to make your own theory beat with the world.If an astrological prediction is not right, chances are that a defender would say, “Yes, but that’s by…”

Scientists want to refute themselves and hope that it will not succeed.

I am rather boring, science and the scientific method are for me the most important things that man has spawned.

From there I come to answer ‘ how do you define pseudoscience ‘: Everything that is not covered by the scientific method.Think, for example, to take on supernatural things, science points that right away, to the place where it belongs: the realm of Fabels. Many pseudoscience comes from people who know very well how to do it.

Furthermore, especially inaccurate work, to work out results, omit unwelcome figures, Diederik Stapel (with Buddy Roos Vonk) was quite a tuk.

But, above all, deceiving people, mirroring things like scientific ones knocking off no sides.People are incredibly easy to lead the garden and when you say that your product has been made ‘ along Scientific road ‘, there are a lot of people in it. Movie: Laboratory, white jackets, serious faces, and you can bring your galvanizes to the table, more than half of them are kicked in.

Pseudoscience is sometimes not distinguishable from real.In order to make that distinction, you need to be well aware of the discipline and how things are dealt with scientifically.

Fortunately, it is immediately ‘ end of exercise ‘ when scientists use this kind of tricks.Career W茅g. And I am very happy with that.

This is a nice video of Michael Shermer, the Balony Detection Kit, or the kletskoekremover.


Knowledge or wisdom for which there is no scientific justification.Which is not to say that it is not true. But there is no scientific justification.

Pseudo (pronounced Psuido) is Greek for “fake” or “false”.Pseudoscience is therefore non-empirical conclusions based on scientific thinking or guessing without direct observation.

Science that is impossible, such as time travel.

All theories created outside the empirical scientific method.

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