How do you define consciousness?

>>>How do you define consciousness?<<<

Consciousness cannot be observed, cannot be proved – not itself, not on-and-for-self,not as such.

Consciousness can in fact only be expressed, expressed, manifested, proclaimed, determined, define, assert, deposit on paper and therebysymbolize, objectifying , even raiseto a paper tiger .

The individual human consciousness “is” (I define ALS!= I claim for!) the totality of the subjective constructs that are currently being proclaimed in the brain – in short: the totality of the thoughts that are being conceived at the moment.

But this is only one step further – I have effectively only postponed the question, because: What “is” a subjective construct, what “is” a thought?

A subjective construct, a thought, a conscious HEIT “is” nothing but a true-taken HEIT, in short: property, of/about matter.

Again: A subjective momentary construct, a thought, a consciousness, a perception, in short: property cannot be perceived, not observed, not proven – not itself, not on-and-for-self,not as a such.

A subjective momentary construct, a thought, a consciousness, a property can only be expressed, manifested, proclaimed, determined, defined, asserted.

For most, when equating a construct that is only currently being produced with a property, the brain will resolutely resist.

“What’s the point of the Schmarren, the property is there all the time”

Unfortunately, unfortunately, the property is not even observed, not to prove – it is NOT “there” -not itself, not on-and-for-itself,not as such.

Everything THAT is “there” is, observed, perceived, proven, that is the observable, the perceptible, the detectable.The real, persistent cause of the currently evoked in the brain, the imaginary perception, the property of the perceptible.

We simply believe (so to speak property-religious) the property SEI there, it IS constantly there, that is, itself, in-and-for-itself, assuch, simply because it is permanently expressed on the patient paper, manifests itself, proclaims, determines, defines, claims, finds – as a paper tiger, so to speak.

My own listing of thoughts = consciousness = momentary subjective constructs = true-to-do-things = FEATURES = elements of the currently only evoked consciousness SEINS:

  1. ALL sensations, feelings, values (such as beauty and usefulness), problems, necessities (these are must/ssollthes), intentions, efforts, interests, meaning
  2. ALL parameters in the language of physics: mass, distance, area, space, time, speed, acceleration e.g. earth acceleration, pulse, force, pressure, power, energy,temperature, but also all so-called “fields”
  3. ALL Axioms, Natural Constants and Laws – The Legislature, Logic, Morality, Physics
  4. ALL KNOWN Gods, e.g. Lord YHWH, Lord J(DER)C, Lord Allah

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