How do you deal with an existential crisis?

Crying, letting out negative feelings, turning negative feelings into positivity, seeing that each end is a new beginning and every crisis is a way to forge a plan, and follow the plan every day.

Anyone who follows me here on Quora knows that I fulfilled my childhood dream and moved to Barcelona 15 months ago.

Living his dream is the opposite of an existential crisis.It is the existential sense.

Especially when you’ve felt in the wrong place for 23 years.

Due to the circumstances:

  • high unemployment in Spain,
  • low salaries in Barcelona,
  • however horrendous rents (I pay 475 euro cold rent for a room),
  • poor prospects of being taken over at the company I work for,

and my ambitions:

  • to be a great help to my friend Aaron in his start-up basketball breaks
  • and to realize my great dreams,

I wondered if it would not be better to go back to Bochum for two or three years and make a fresh start.

The thought alone killed me.

Going back to Bochum was an existential crisis for me.
Bochum, is my home.
But I feel at home in Barcelona.
It’s my natural environment.
A fish does not feel comfortable in a small aquarium.He needs the sea.

In general, I am a person who has to be very careful in order not to fall into negativity and depressive thoughts.

I am genetically depressed.
As a rule, I go through a short but severe depressive phase every few months.

In Barcelona, my depressive periods were greatly minimized.I just went through a little down phase in January last year.

Then, last week, I saw an end to my time in Barcelona and suffered from one of the depressive phases.
An inner struggle began.I won. I fought my way out of the darkness.

If I go through a depressive phase or feel threatened by a situation in my existence, I follow 5 steps.

  1. Get rid of thoughts
    I write my thoughts on a piece of paper.
    I write down everything that gets me excited, let out all feelings.
    If the negativity flies, I start to see the positive.
  2. What haven’t you mastered…?!!
    I look back on my life and focus on all the things I’ve already mastered.

    Perspective is everything.

Everyone goes through crises.
And I bet you’ve already overcome some crises.Some crises are bigger, some smaller. But the power to deal with a crisis lurks in us.

If you’ve ever overcome a crisis, you can overcome the next crisis, even if it’s existential.

  • A way out of the hopelessness
    If I have had the courage, it’s time to get to work.
    I am planning a way out of the seemingly hopeless situation.

    If everything seems hopeless, you will be creative.

  • It is in human nature.

    If our lives, our existence, are threatened, mental and physical forces are released that are not otherwise available to us.

    This is shown either by the fact that people suddenly develop the power to lift a car, or are inundated with creativity and develop new ideas that they never thought possible before.

  • The first step of the escape plan
    Take the first step and leave the existential crisis where you work every day to improve your situation.
  • Congratulations – you’re on the right track
    If you have taken the first steps, look back, congratulate yourself, see that you already have the hardest behind you, you have taken the first step and continue every day.

    Then it’s only a matter of time before your situation improves.

  • Two book recommendationsthat can help you cope with an existential crisis.

    1. 50 success models.

    Small Guide to Strategic Decisions

    The book helps you make the right decisions and thus take the right path.

  • How our thinking causes success or defeat: Carol Dweck, J眉rgen Neubauer: Books

    The book shows you that we decide at any time whether we want to grow or give ourselves beaten.

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